Yew Map
80. Monitor
We lost a great deal of guards keeping the Undeads at bay.
79. Monitor
Felucca side, this used to be Clown Town.
81. Monitor
The time of this incident is unknown.
76. Monitor
Home of Family Darion. Family home of Lex Darion, of the longest serving guards in the history of the Militia.
77. Monitor
Undeads built a shrine near stonekeep. The guardsmen vanquished the undeads who saught to kill our men.
78. Monitor
KH attacked Stonekeep but was chased into the woods.
74. Monitor
Undeads almost over-run a trade caravan arriving from the moongate.
73. Monitor
A patrol spotted a clan of orcs here. The orcs quickly fled into the forrest.
82. Monitor
A band of brigands attacked Lady Madelene's party. She was brutally mutilated and left to die in the woods.
83. Monitor
A day of joy, our beloved and long lost friend Megumi returns to Yew.
86. Monitor
Seawreck found!
85. Monitor
The Yew waterfall