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The Militia Concept

In the dawning of the Europa shard, a few old players decided to make a guild of roleplayed roughneck Guardsmen. We were tired of the classical guilds that existed, who were almost exclusively either Knights, Paladins or plain Murderers. We wanted something different, with another feel to it, another atmosphere. The concept of the Militia Guardsman sprang to life. We nabbed a few ideas from here and there. Medieval and fantasy town guards were used as raw-models, Shadowclan of Catskills admittedly, and real life militaries provided great resources. Here follows a list of important concepts that makes our guild the unique roleplaying organization that it is today. These, the Militia probably wouldn't even function without.

  • Everyone entering gets the same chance. We are not impressed by your connection, your wealth, your green plate armour, two castles or your twenty tame dragons. 
  • We strive to roleplay to the very best of our ability. We don't break character for anything, nor do we change our characters attitude to appease individuals or associations.  
  • Don't bring any of your other characters into our environment. If you want to come to Stonekeep, use your Guardsman character. 
  • No one is bigger than the guild. The Guardsman Militia does not make exceptions, nor does it shy away from dealing with those that threaten the stability of the guild.
  • The Militia is a challenge to anyone, new or seasoned players alike. Playing a Guardsman is much like switching the game of  from easy to hard. Where riding a horse, using an artifact and magery is easy, using ringmail armour, a melee weapon, and having to rely on teamwork is hard. So if anyone calls you a newbie, they ain't seen nothing yet.
  • The Militia does not judge members by spelling and grammar problems, or how fast they type. What is important is the will to roleplay a Guardsman. If you do not have it, you are in the wrong guild.
  • Players show respect for Guardsmen of higher rank, both as characters and players. It takes a lot of time and effort to reach to higher ranks of the Guardsman Militia, and anyone holding such a rank is due respect.
  • What happens in the game, stays in the game. The life of a Guardsman is a hard one, but we must always draw a line between what is roleplay and what is personal.
  • We do not allow our member to advocate other guilds than the Militia. If you are caught doing this, ingame or out of game, you will be expelled. We take care not to steal our members from other guilds: we find them, or they find us. Therefore we expect other guilds to do the same, and not try to undermine what we have created together. It is a hard task finding a player who is willing to make all the sacrifices of convenience to play a Guardsman, teach them to follow all our ways, only to see them gone by someone who couldn't find their own members.
  • If a Guardsman character is no longer on the Guardsman stone, they have abandoned their cause and broken their oath. Please do not bring any such characters to Stonekeep. If there is an irresistible urge to talk to old friends, use pigeons.
  • GUARDSMEN HAVE FUN! The most important concept of all, is that players will strive to enjoy their experience and have fun with each other.
A partially full list of members of the Guardsmen Militia between 1999 - 2007 can be found here.
Remember them well.

Please help us complete this list if any name is missing.