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A course is a special lesson in which Guardsmen will be able to gain an extra skill not normally available to them. The courses are lead by officers and command members and are on a chosen subject of theirs. Because no one is ordered to be there it is easier to get along with the course teacher and other Guardsmen and you normally hear a few less yawns. If a guard fails the course it must be because he isnít trying and thus doesnít want to be there or doesnít have the intelligence. Hopefully the first option wonít happen because everyone will want to be there.

These will usually run for about 3 nights with an hour or two a night. They can be about anything from Diplomacy to how to track wild animals. Hopefully Guardsmen will learn an extra tool to add to their gaming experience. They will have their course details entered into their file if they have completed the course. While this doesnít automatically mean anything, when a command member reviews the file for promotion they can see a Guard has completed a course. Look out for courses on the Guard Board.

"Cut the orcís belly, trainee, and reveal it's heart." Ė Captain Rockstead during an anatomy course

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