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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a promotion?

By far the most frequent question of all. Just play and stay active! Activity will have the other guardsmen notice you. The Recruiter and the Officers constantly ask around among guardsmen if they see anyone that should be promoted. Firstly get yourself as many guardsman friends (and a handful of enemies) as you possibly can! Steam with activity. If there's a patrol being arranged, join it and socialise with the others, showing how good you are at fighting. You will NOT be promoted out of combat prowess alone. The stats of the guardsman are taken into consideration for promotion, and so you might be refused rank if you are too weak. But it will not work the other way around. Even if you have the best stats possible, you won't get any promotions unless you work actively and improve yourself as a guardsman.

Am I being overlooked for promotion?

Generally, it will take a trainee one up to three weeks of active playing to get his promotion. If more than those three weeks have passed and you have still not received your promotion, then report this to someone of rank and ask them kindly to look into the matter.

How do I successfully play a guardsman?

This is a tricky question, that although not very frequently asked, we felt should be answered. After your initial recruitment, you are generally left on your own device. Your first task should be to get to know at least ten other guardsmen, and get their icq:s (or pigeons, as we call it). Your next step should be to build on this network of friends, and arrange for you to meet, using the Headquarters as base of operations. Learn to know a craftsman, so that he may supply you with armour and gear. Learn to know guards of different Divisions, so that they may show you what their Division means. Learn to know a Cleric, or an Inquisitor, so that he may transport you through his portals, and get to know your fellow trainees and footmen, as they might one day make great warriors and fighters at your side.

Once you've built a network of friends and become a little stronger, you're ready to truly serve the Milita. Next you should use your contacts and skills to increase the Militia's funds, renown and combat prowess. Teamwork, skills, gold and advanced, interesting roles make our guild unique and entertaining. Play along, and never stop yourself from taking initiative, teaching the new guardsmen of how to play. Avoid starting your icq before you have come to the Headquarters. We're a roleplaying guild, and not a chat organization. If there are no guardsmen at Headquarters when you arrive, have a look around, and then start sending out pigeons for others to meet you. Always meet and talk ingame with your friends instead of per icq unless there's no other way.

The keyword here is roleplaying. Roleplaying doesn't only mean "not to talk ooc", but to play a true, living character! Who is your guardsman? Emote a lot, make jokes, make passes on the opposite gender, or even insult your superiors! It's up to you and your imagination, really. The Militia is an excellent place for roleplaying, as we have created it as a sealed community, where your actions actually have an impact on your comming life. Never stop roleplaying, for that is the true enjoyment in the Guardsmen Militia. And if things don't happen by themselves, then make them happen! You don't need to organize any grand events, but just taking a fellow trainee out for a patrol can give you a great time, and earn you a friend for life.

When can I go OOC*?

Basically, never. It is quite easy to say most things IC (In Character), without resorting to OOC. If you for example need to go to the bathroom, don't say: "(I gotta take a piss)", but say "I need to take a short nap, sir!" instead. If you have a bad lag, then say "That orc wounded my leg badly... It shall take time to recover" or "The mud is bad today" instead of "(Damned lag!)". If you can't say it IC, then don't say it at all.

The only exceptions to this rule are as follows:

  • When exchanging pigeons, you need to give your uin number
  • If you're of high rank, and need to resolve a serious inter-guild problem, or take care of a recruit

(*The abbreviation OOC stands for Out of Character, or more traditionally: Out of Context.)

How do I treat non-Militia characters?

Foremostly, anyone within the Militia Meadow should be treated as an outsider. This means the guardsmen may be polite at first, but if the outsider has no intent on moving along, he should be ignored or chased away. If an outsider enters the Headquarters, they are trespassing, and should be removed by force if need arise.

Outside of the Meadow, depending on a few factors, non-Militia characters are referred to as either outsider, taintling, warlock, witch, deserter, >race< or citizen. Any unaligned, friendly and polite human falls into the citizen category. As long as they do not throw any spells in front of you. Citizens should be protected and well taken care of, but should not be allowed to join you unless they are recruits. Furthermore, anyone who has resigned from the Militia is a deserter, regardless of the reasons of their leaving. No matter what position they held before they resigned they do not gain respect for this ingame. Out of game however, they should be treated well. The only way to retire gracefully is by the rank of Retired Guard.

Can I hang around with my non-Militia characters?

Simply put, the answer is no. The Militia is constructed to work as a self-supporting society on it's own (though somewhat crude). As we are serious roleplayers we want to remove the feeling of the "player" behind the characters and only let one player have one character in the society (excepting those that for long already have had more than one).

The rule should read: You may not stay around the Militia Meadow (the area around the Headquarters) with any of your non-Militia characters. If you play your other character, and ever stumble upon a few guardsmen outside of this area, you are free to interact with them, but should not show your true identity, nor should you engage in any combat, even if you feel that they initiated (in which case you should retreat). The Militia has enough of enemies already, for our own players to fight us as well.

There is really no way for us to make sure neither stop you from entering Militia perimeters with another character of yours. The only thing we can do is tell you not to, and warn you that if you are ever revealed, your guardsman could gain a penalty for "smuggling in civilians on military property".

Can I still hang out with my old friends?

That depends on how you define it. Your guardsman character can be considered as "taken", but you as a player, are not. The Militia does not allow guardsmen to patrol with outsiders, and not even being friendly to witches, warlocks, taintlings, ex-guardsmen or most anyone not in the Militia for that matter. Ingame, you are NOT to treat outsiders well, other than to protect them from harm, and if they are proven nice, show some civility. What we of course do allow you, is to keep playing with your friends with your non-Militia characters, and to talk with them over ICQ.

A Guard keeps harassing/killing me! What should I do?

The first thing to do is to find out why you were attacked or insulted. Commonly, you have broken a rule, misunderstood an order or offended the wrong person. It is not against the rules to enforce the oath amongst the guardsmen, but it should be done with care.

If you feel that you are being very badly treated, for example repeatedly attacked without knowing why, then firstly, try to resolve this over the icq with the troublemaker, after you have wound down a bit from any hot emotions. Often as not, it all pours down to a misunderstanding. But if the problem remains you should contact the Militia Command.

A partially full list of members of the Guardsmen Militia between 1999 - 2007 can be found here.
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