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Example of a dialogue:

Thug trying to get past a roadblock without paying (noble guard speech)

- Halt thy steps, knave! Canst thou not see 'tis a roadblock thou'rt passing!?

- So, ye say so. Go pester someone else. Mi got buisness ta handle!

- Another loudmouth from Britain, I take it... Men, make sure he be not smuggling illegal wares.

- Hands off mi, ye stinkin' bastards! Wouldn't want ta spill the guts o' yers!

- We handle the likes of thee for breakfast, so cooperate, and 'twill be easier for us all.

Another example of dialogue:

Guardsman conversation (Noble Guard and Commoner Footman)

- Greets, sah! Fine day, 'tis not?

- Well met, Footman. 'Tis a masterpiece, aye!

- Me's been off and huntin' them bugger orcs... Them breed like rats, them does, sah!

- Indeed. I've heard the Militia coffers are empty. Mayhap we should gather some men and arrange a roadblock?

- Good thinkin', sah!

- Thou dost know I hate a... "suckup"? Mhhh?

- Sorry, sah. Me does too.


There's a list of a words that have special definitions within the Militia. These words, all guardsmen should learn to know.




Anyone not in the guilds: "The Clergy" (abbrev- C) or "The Guardsmen Militia" (abbrev. Grd).
Taint This is a rather wide term, used for those that ruin the feel of Britannia. Taint is a sickness of the mind, that easily spreads. It causes madness, strange guttural sounds and in extreme cases unexplainable violent behaviour.

Someone either

  • not speaking correct Britannian
  • having a silly guild-title
  • having an out of character name
  • wearing obviously unfitting clothes

is considered to be tainted. No Militia character should ever have a friendly relation to anyone being Tainted.

(For example someone named "ChRiS", but speaking perfect Britannian is still Tainted.)

Unconscious When killed during training, duelling or other inter-guardsman activities, a guardsman is not dead, but rather "unconscious". This means after they gather their gear, they do not keep their deathrobe on and do not wait the CoY half-hour for death.


A non-Militia member, but still roleplayer, having an in character name and using magic. (Should be treated with mistrust.)


Magic used by a Witch. All guardsmen dislike this form of magic and shun it. They should never ask for it to be used on them nor will they appreciate it being thrown on them, even if it's to a positive effect.

Trainee Wordlist

To make things easier to the Trainee we have made a list of words that are not to be used by the guardsmen. The reason is that they are "out of character". This means no real britannian would ever use them.Using any of the forbidden words could get the guardsman killed or thrown out of the guild.

Forbidden word

"In Character" counterpart

Lol, Rofl

*Laughs* or *Chuckles*




*Sad*, *Depressed*


Jolly, impressive


You, thee, thou

"76 strength"

"Strong as an ox" (Use anatomy title, or other appropriate description if you don't know them)

"85.6 swords"

"An adept of swords" (Use the skill title)

Ok, k

Alright, aye, okay


Mud, sleepy, sick


"Falling asleep"

Blue (flag)


Grey (flag)


Pk, red (flag)

Murderer, cutthroat


Baker, Healer, Brigand (Use profession)

PC (Personal Character)

Damien, Atlan (Use name)

CoY-member, fellow roleplayer

A rouge, guardsman etc. (Use appropriate guild trade or race)



The web

The library


Page, book, tome

Party System

Guardsmen do not use the party system, all conversations are held in the normal game interface. This goes for everything from orders, general chatter and even whispering (use the client whisper feature). The following list includes a number of occasions where party chat is useful and maybe used, other than this it is banned, and will hold punishments no less than any other rule breakage. The only uses for party chat are:
  • Inner Command members will be allowed to use party chat as they wish to deal with matters in game.
  • Church Members will be allowed to use party chat to deal with in game matters and to aid in the training of new members that often needs the OOC conversation behind the scenes to help the recruit though.
  • Guards dealing with Recruits may use party to talk over any details with them, such as issues with Race, Names ect but that is all they may use it for.
  • Accepted Guards and higher leading patrols to Dungeons may use party chat simply for the healing bars. No one of any rank, spare Inner Command or Church Members needing to address a rule break etc, will speak in the party. If they do they should be reported and dealt with as a rule breaker.
  • Waywatchers may use emotes in party chat to represent secretive sign language without revealing but will not be allowed to talk.
  • Inner Command members may give the rights to a guardsman to form an OOC/IC party to deal with special requirements for a plotline, or guild event to aid in the smooth running of the event.
  • Rookie Guards or higher may deal with non-CoY members on a one to one basis to pass them on to guild sites and forums, should they inquire about it. This process should not take very long.
  • You may join a party of a Leader of another CoY guild if they request you to join it to discuss a rule breakage or event.
  • Accepted Guardsmen may add Trainees, Footmen to a party on a one to one basis to explain if they are doing something wrong. This process should hopefully not take very long.
So to be clear, you cannot be in any party chat that is not listed above, under any circumstances.

A partially full list of members of the Guardsmen Militia between 1999 - 2007 can be found here.
Remember them well.

Please help us complete this list if any name is missing.