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Character Traits

This section is here to give you ideas on what funny little special traits your character may have. The list is far from complete and the skies are the limit.

Animal friend You like to talk to animals. Especially cute and furry ones. You would never hurt any animal on purpose and doing so would put you in deep depression. You also bring your pet with you everywhere guarding it with your life and taking any insults directed at it deeply personal. "NOOOO!!! You foul orc! What art thou doing to Scruffy!?" (If anyone played Baldur's Gate, think of Minsk and his beloved Boo here.)
Cowardice You are quite afraid to get hurt and easy to intimidate. When in combat you don't like taking damage, and often panic, when things don't run smoothly.
Delusions You strongly believe in something that is not true, and though your comrades may try to convince you otherwise, they will never manage to really do so! For example, "I am Lord British's brother." Or "Carrying large amounts of gold will bring down the thunder on me."
Disciplined Most guardsmen pick this trait up over time to some extent, but for you, discipline is the glue that holds your world together. When a line up is called, you sprint to the line, and you will trust the word of your superiors over your common sense.
Drunkard Most of the guards consume large amounts of alcohol, but you are an alcoholic. You often drink at times when you should not and always have a bottle or two on your person - in case you get thirsty.
Enmity Maybe your family was slaughtered by orcs? Or your farm burned to the ground by a clan of pirates? - You have a strong hatred towards a guild or a race and will act very provocatively and aggressively when encountering any of their kind.
Friendship Choose another character you know well, and contact him or her. If both of you agree you will be Friends with each other. As Friends you always stick together. Enjoy each other's company and appoint a lot of times to meet.
Fear Out of some reason you strongly fear something. It may be snakes, orcs, ettins, cows, gold, beer, women or whatever you may think of! Meeting your fear will make you snap. Role-play it well, as this may be a great source of amusement!
Generous You can't seem to hold on to your gold. If anybody needs anything you will be there, ready to spend your last coin, and every time you meet a beggar, you pack him or her full with gold. But people do tend to like you a lot.
Gluttony You are over-fond with food, and eat all you can get your hands on. Your conversation often reflects this, as you cannot talk of much else than food. You also tend to spend a lot of gold on buying good and expensive food, like cakes and all sorts of meat.
Honesty You are almost completely unable to lie. If the situation requires you to, you will stutter and blush and often not answer at all.
Nationalist You home an extreme feeling towards your native part of the land, or town. This may cause you to be greatly angered towards another guard if he has Prejudices against your town. Also, if someone badmouths your town, you can bet your money you will be royally mad.
Overconfidence Overestimating your abilities by far, you often believe yourself to stand "above" other mortals. You believe no situation is too tough for you to handle. If a dragon comes running down the slopes, you'll be the first to charge! Since you are not actually immortal, you are often seen carrying crutches.
Power hunger You crave power more than anything else, and will do your utmost to gain ranks and riches as fast as you can, trampling others in your way. This does not have to mean that you are selfish - you were just brought up in a world where power meant everything and kindness nothing.
Prejudices This is a lot like Delusion, but it directs itself more towards a specific race or guild. For example; "Elves sacrifice human children to the Blood God" or "Them buggers from Magincia are nothin' but thieves and murderers them whole bunch!"
Religious You strongly believe in the Church. You will pray before eating, cross your heart after slaying a foe, and yell religious quotes often. I.e. "...and the One shall bring order; smiting all evil with his holy presence!" and "Behold, I send you out as sheep amidst the wolves." Kindof a templar's spirit in the body of a guard.
Spartan As a Spartan person you carry very little items upon you. Only what you need - but ONLY that! You do not overeat and never drink alcoholic beverages unless it is a very festive occasion. - "Mind over matter"
Stupidity Your mind is rather numb, and you often carry out orders in a slightly sluggish way. When you do follow them you tend to get it wrong. Remember not to be a pain to your fellow guardsmen, but to lighten things up a bit.
Superstitious A black cat just crossed your road? Cancel the patrol, setup a strong defensive fortification, and prepare yourself for the inevitable. A superstitious person recognizes bad omens as everyone else, but reacts strongly towards them.
Vow You have vowed upon something held dear and sacred to you to never... [Fill in the blanks]. "I shall never touch steel made in Britain!" "May I die a thousand deaths before I ever speak a word to a wielder of sorcery again!" Make sure not to vow anything that makes you break with the guardsman code.


You simply can't hold your love for the beautiful woman of Britannia. You are always caught charming them with your sweet-talking and giving them generous gifts of jewels and bouquets of flowers. Drunkenness can also be related to this, often when the woman of your dreams turns you down. Though still loyal to the guild, you never think with your head when it comes to women.

Problematic Traits

When you create character traits for your character, make sure that they do not make you incompatible with the guardsman ways, more bloodthirsty, asocial or probable to ruin other's fun. Examples of traits which could cause this are listed below. They are not forbidden, because they can be roleplayed so everyone enjoys it. The Guardsmen Militia and the church are not lenient on those who roleplay the below traits too strongly - consider yourself warned.

Attitude You've got a big mouth and most people find you cocky.
Compulsive Lying You love telling a lie! People don't trust you and shouldn't at that! If someone asks you the way to Yew you'll give them the way to Vesper.
Corruption You don't have to be very greedy; it's just that you love bribes! You often switch sides when it comes to internal politics for a round sum, and will do almost anything if someone pays you. Note that stealing from fellow guardsmen is not part of this - you are still a guard at heart!
Cynic If you are a Cynic, this will make you very sceptic and unsure about the Religious and Spiritual persons within your ranks. You do not believe in any afterlife, and what is this horse dung you hear about the animal having souls!? Bah - humbug! Of course you are NOT stupid enough to question the Templi openly, as this would be heresy.
Lazy Sure, you could lead a strenous patrol to the far corners of Yew, but the tavern is much closer. And why bother chopping wood for arrows, when you can likely lend some from gullible peers?
Spiritual As a Spiritual person you tend to think more than you act. As an example, you may want to talk to the murderer instead of fighting him. This may cause you to try and stop your fellow guards from killing a thief, as you want to help this poor man whose life has been lead astray.
Tolerant "Britannia's big, there's room enough for all of us". Where all the other guardsmen shun the strangers, you are much more receptible. This causes you to be shunned as well, to some extent. And being trusty means that you are often going to be stabbed in the back.
Temper You quite often loose your temper on minor setbacks, not to mention major. Don't be violent or vulgar, but express your anger a bit more eloquently. *Boils with anger*, *Yells out in frustration*, *Grinds his teeth*
Undisciplined Expect to be punished hard and often, for undisciplined guardsmen are frowned upon by peers and superiors. Trusting your own judgement, you openly question orders and "forget" to call your superiors "sir" and "ma'am". Even a slightly undisciplined guardsman cannot hope to be promoted beyond the junior ranks, but the combination of punishments and experience will overcome this trait, given enough time.
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