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The Iron Heart The Iron Heart
Description:It is a small iron heart, that you with a delicate silver chain straps around your Ankh.
An addition to The King's Ankh, rather than a medal of it's own. It is a small iron heart, that you with a delicate silver chain strap around your Ankh. It is a sign of eternal devotion to the Militia, and means that you will for all times serve, and the day you are gone, the day you are dead. (ooc meaning: "I stay in the Militia, as long as I play uo, and I will always stay true to it's spirit." - I've seen a few players promise this, and I felt they should gain some recognition for this grand promise.) This is the only medal you may actually ask for, but you won't be given it unless the Command really does believe you will hold the oath, and you have shown strong devotion for the Militia cause and spirit. (taken in a vote). The Iron Heart does count as a medal towards nobility.

This award has been given to the following guards:
Nadia Louise Smith
Larynda D'Gar
Meran Llew
Jack Nardock
Thor Grenax
Klion D'Gar
Megumi Lucy Tearheart (Hesketh)
Mikhail Vigor
Llemandrell Arduin
Lex Darion
Oliver Gray
Orm Edmundsson
Julie Frostbite
Ellyn Alvarsdottir Avery
Jhakog Coren
Bladius Dart
Michael Luke Tearheart
Josef Deacon
Phil Lynx
A partially full list of members of the Guardsmen Militia between 1999 - 2007 can be found here.
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