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The King The King's Bronze [Insert Trade Symbol]
Description:Instead of the Ankh handed to guards, this is awarded the craftsmen.
The Bronze medals match the time a craftsman has been with the Militia, 6/12/18 years. The icons, which one could earn all of, would be handed out for helping the Militia in that area. Helping isn't repairing or gathering resources, it is more than that. To obtain a silver or gold medal the craftsmen has to be a grandmaster in that skill. Guardsmen can also obtain one of these medals if they have shown the above criteria. The symbol differs for each area of expertize. Skilled smiths are first rewarded with a bronze Anvil, carpenters get a bronze Saw. Hardworking herbalists and tailors would be admired their bronze Mortars and Needles respectively etc.

This award has been given to the following guards:
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