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Ribbon of Distinction Ribbon of Distinction
Description: An official ribbon to be worn on the guards uniform.
The Ribbon of Distinction may be awarded to guardsmen who perform acts of special or unique service to the Militia, or to those who consistently make noteworthy contributions to the Militia. Examples of this might be playing a Recruiter or completing an Out Of Character task set by Command such as building a list of members ICQ numbers.

* This ribbon is awarded to a Guardsman who completes a unique or special service to the Guardsman Militia.
* Only Command may select a Guardsman to receive this Ribbon
* There is no limit on the number of Distinction's a Guardsman may receive.

This award has been given to the following guards:
A partially full list of members of the Guardsmen Militia between 1999 - 2007 can be found here.
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