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The King The King's Gold Ankh
Description:Awarded to guards who have served a great amount of time within the militia.
Criteria: For devout service to the King and Yew in 18 years. Divide time by twelve to get the RL equivalent in time.

This award has been given to the following guards:
Lex Darion
Larynda D'Gar
Meran Llew
Jack Nardock
Thor Grenax
Mikhail Vigor
Llemandrell Arduin
Klion D'Gar
Megumi Lucy Tearheart (Hesketh)
Orm Edmundsson
Julie Frostbite
Ellyn Alvarsdottir Avery
Jhakog Coren
Gareth Courteux
Winlow Gravty
Tara Noble
Michael Luke Tearheart
Josef Deacon
Sineal Walker
Nadia Louise Smith
Bladius Dart
Phil Lynx
Oliver Gray
Malaki Landor
A partially full list of members of the Guardsmen Militia between 1999 - 2007 can be found here.
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