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Lex Darion

Advanced character profile :

Lex Darion

Full name: Lex Darion

Known as: Lex

Rank: Guard

Recruitment day: 1999-12-05

Appearance: Lex looks like he could be in his late twenties, however those who knows him better will also know he's one of the longest serving members of the milita. Thus the conclusion can be made that he's much older then thirty. His real age however, is a close guarded secret he keeps for himself. His body is covered by battle-bruises yet the scars only add to the esthetical calm look which surrounds Lex. He has a muscular build, yet slim body-outline of average height. While the rest of his body doesn't show any signs of age, his eyes show are tired and seems to have seen a lot. His long dark hair is tied up into a horsetail. Lex has a heritage from the Darion family bloodline. Every family member are known for their eternal young look. Considered noble by some, others will not hesitate to have them burnt and would glady chase them away from their lands.

Work-description: Serves as a Guard in the Guardsmen Militia, Lex is one of the longest serving guards still active. He has fought many battles in the duty which he has come to love. To this day, he has known no other life then the one of a guard.

Personality: Since he is well known among the militia, and has served for such a long time people has their own view on Lex's personality. While some may consider him rude and unrespectful others may think he's a kind and gentle person. Truth is, Lex doesn't care that much about how people think of him.

Background: When Lex was just a young boy, he was found wandering the roads of Britainnia by Damien the recruiter. Being an orphan, Lex was brought in by Damien and treated him like his own son. Lex came to grow up in the militia, but just as with all young he rebelled on his parents. - The milita. During the time he served, he quickly advanced and became the lead of a division. Though this did not help him, ande was cast out from the militia back to walk the lone roads once more. After awhile he found his lost sister and joined with her to restore the lost wealth of the refound family. A new house was built and a foundation for the merchants guild was built. Through its contacts, the wealth of family Darion was rebuilt. But life wasn't pleasing to Lex, the boredom of a noble almost killed him off. He took his gear one early morning and headed from the mighty tower darion back to the militia. He was treated as an enemy at his arrival, beaten and put into chains. After long discussions within the command they decided he'd have to pay for his sins. He was made an untrusted trainee.. He saw many hardtimes, but managed to work his way back into the iron-arms. It took a long time, but he's proud of being a guard once more and has decided never to leave again.

Alignment: True Neutral - Something wicked.

Reputation: He's got quite a reputation of being one of the old fellers in the militia.

Motivations/goals: He has pledged never to leave the milita, these days he just wish to live a life of a guard. Though, sometimes he feels neglected but he doesn't complain about it.

Quote: " Nobody touches my halberd! Unless you've got a deathwish."

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Medals: "The King's Gold Ankh" "The Iron Heart"

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