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Jack Nardock

Advanced character profile :

Jack Nardock

Full name: Jack Nardock

Known as: Jack Nardock


Recruitment day: 0000-00-00

Appearance: Jack is a forty years old man, you can hear his strong voice from far, rolling like a wave on the rocks. He is not a tall guard but his body is well trained and his chest throws out like a barrel, stretching his shirt. Jack's face is considered as pleasing by most women although long days of work have left their signs, he has short black hair as bushy as his short black beard and bushy eyebrows overhang his gloomy eyes. It is obvious to anyone that this man is a skilled warrior.

Work-description: Jack spend the greater of his time at the stronghold of Stonekeep between the Citadel where he accomplishes his duty, patrolling, taxing people in the name of his King and the tavern where he lays out his pay, drinking ale with his old and few friends.

Personality: He is quite sociable, and enjoys his life with a mug of ale in his hand, he likes to remind the time when he was a low-ranked Guard in the Merry man division. It must be added that during this time, Captain Romvin and him became particular friends. From this time too, he began to have some prejudices against the Waywatchers' division. He is not very tactful and indeed he is a bit of a merciless barbarian, it is due to the fact that he was educated as a guard during the old days. When he has to fight, he will never hesitate to hit someone in the back, when he sees too much guardsmen down, he can become quite bloodthirsty. He is not very religious but he believes in the Higher Being and if he is not an overzealous servant of the Church, it is merely ignorance.

Background: His past is quite hazy, most of his friends know that he comes from a little village near Minoc, he keeps hidden the fact that he is the second son of Lordlings. During his youth he realised that he wouldn't do anything good if he stays in his parents estate, So he left his family young and began to work for his own, he worked for two years as his uncle's bodyguard at King's court in Britain but the old man died... And finally after some adventures (It means he fell in love a lot of times.) he was found wandering in the Yew woods by Damien who was heading to the Towncenter in order to find new recruits. He has grown stronger and stronger in his early years in the Militia, affronting danger and death each day in the old lands now called the Wastelands… Nokhmar, Deepwater, The old orc fort… Jack has well-served the Militia, he is now 41 years old.

Alignment: Neutral Good - He believes in the King. He will defend him and what he represents against foes, if he can he will take some gold crowns for his old days. (it doesn't mean he will steal anything to the Militia or his fellow guardsmen.).

Reputation: Jack is not well known by most other Guards, but he can be seen as a worthy man who will help his friends and superiors at all events or one of the last survivor of the old days. Some pretends he has no sense of Honour when fighting, he just thinks that it is better to put every chance on his side.

Motivations/goals: Jack leads a dangerous life and he knows that, his needs are not much, some ale, some action and some women, of course !

Quote: " Arr... Bloody 'ell ! Trainee ! This is nay ale ! *Spiting sounds*"

Art by: The ale lover, R. Delaroche


Medals: "The King's Gold Ankh" "The Iron Heart"

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