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Elanor Brook

Advanced character profile :

Elanor Brook

Full name: Elanor Brook

Known as: Elanor Brook

Rank: Rookie Marksman

Recruitment day: 2004-01-31

Appearance: A short, pretty looking girl, who has longish blonde hair and blue eyes. She stands at about five foot and five inches, so she is quite short compared to many of her fellow Guardsmen. Looking to be in her mid twenties, she is usually wearing her Marksman uniform, which always seems to be in immaculate condition – especially her treasured hat. She is of quite a light build, but her arms are well toned from practising with her trusty bow. This bow is usually slung over her shoulder next to its quiver of arrows, and on her belt a sheath for a long kryss.

Work-description: Elanor is a member of the Marksman division in the King’s Yew Militia. She is well skilled in the art of archery, but also fights with a kryss if need be.

Personality: Sometimes prone to mood swings, Elanor can be smiling kindly one minute and have a scowl of annoyance set upon her brow the next. Overall she is a nice enough person, though it is probably best not to get on the wrong side of her, as she has been known to have quite a temper sometimes.

Background: Born in Yew, Elly and her family were forced to flee Yew to the South when the Jukans invaded Yew. She grew up in Skara Brae, and was generally spoiled by her father, who had found success as a fletcher shortly after the family’s flight. She had no real concept of work or earning a living, so when she suggested she should return to Yew to help fight for the freedom of her birthplace, she was greeted with criticism. This fired her temper, and was soon travelling with a trade caravan to Yew (Even though even she herself thought that she would be returning fairly soon). Her first few years were tough in the lower ranks, but Elanor soon adjusted to her new life, and found her talent for shooting. Playing to her strengths Elanor entered the Marksmen, sending home one of the teeth from the Dragon she slew single handed to gain entrance into the division, proving her father wrong. She has been happily serving the King, Militia and Marksmen ever since.

Alignment: Lawful Good - Elanor follows and upholds the law with nothing but good intent.

Reputation: Elanor has only still been in Yew for a few years, and has yet to build herself a reputation among her comrades and enemies. However, she is slowly but surely beginning to prove her skill.

Motivations/goals: Elly would one day like to collect enough gold to be able to afford her own horse, but on a Rookie’s pay that would take rather a long time. She also hopes to further her career with the Marksmen.

Quote: " Er.. Nice dragon..?"


Medals: "The King's Bronze Ankh"

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