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Michael Luke Tearheart

Advanced character profile :

Michael Luke Tearheart

Full name: Michael Luke Tearheart

Known as: Michael

Rank: Corsair

Recruitment day: 2002-02-25

Appearance: Michael cuts a grizzled figure with several visible scars on his face, with undoubtedly more hidden under his Corsair armour. Looking at him you will more than likely see him with his longsword, trusty axe or his wooden staff. He stands at about average height (Approximately around six feet), and carries the quite heavy build that you would expect for someone of his occupation. He has shoulder length 'brown' hair (Which is undoubtably dyed), that is held into place with his Corsair bandana. This browned hair matches the colour of his facial hair and contrasts with his piercing emerald green eyes that have a habit of either staring too hard at a person, or seeming to look ‘through’ them.

Work-description: Michael has served as a Corsair in the King’s Yew Militia for over twenty five years, and has no intention now of seeking out a new career

Personality: Usually very irritable, Michael is a tough person to get along with. Where once conversation would have been greeted with kindness, now more times than not it is greeted with a snappy remark. The only time Michael seems to be friendly is when he has one or two good rums inside of him. He has few friends, but those that he has he will treat with ferocious loyalty. Has a slight tendency to hit things that annoy him.

Background: Originally from Vesper, Michael came to Yew to aid his brother, Lance Tearheart, in the Yew Militia. Shortly after Michael arrived, his brother (Then a Rookie Guard) married a Rookie Corsair by the name of Megumi. Though this was a happy marriage it was not a long one, for just a few years after his wedding, Lance was killed aiding Templars in the then unexplored land of Ilshennar. This provided Michael with a strong desire to explore these lands, to perhaps find the final resting place of his brother, but had no such luck. However, he continued along the path of the Corsair, and was promoted to Accepted. He still serves as an Accepted Corsair today.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral - Follows the law to his own personal gain..

Reputation: Known amongst the lower ranks as being notoriously grumpy, and known in all of the ports and docks around Brittania (Not to mention the taverns), especially the ones with cheap, good quality rum (Even if it is of ‘dubious’ origin).

Motivations/goals: To remain serving as a Corsair in the Yew Militia.

Quote: " Shut yer trap ye moss sodden landra'!"


Medals: "The King's Gold Ankh" "The Iron Heart"

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