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Druss Joseph Carey

Advanced character profile :

Druss Joseph Carey

Full name: Druss Joseph Carey

Known as: Druss

Rank: Corsair

Recruitment day: 2003-05-01

Appearance: An imposing figure, standing at seven feet two inches tall. He might have been good looking once, but a life in the militia has changed that. His once jet black hair is now greying prematurely, and lines are starting to appear from his eyes. He has a scar on his left cheek, and a large burn on his right. His long beard falls almost to his midrif, and his small-of-back length hair is for the most part immaculately clean. He is rarely seen without his parrot, Rex, on his shoulder, barking out such things as "Gotrek smells!" His features are hard and masculine, with a chiseled jaw and bushy eyebrows. His sword, 'Reidrbrand' named in ancient britannian, is always by his side, and his vast axe 'Ulfrbrand', also named in ancient Britannian, is always bucked on his back.

Work-description: Sailing, fishing, drinking rum, chasing trainees, hitting trainees, torturing criminals...

Personality: Kind towards his friends, unrelenting to his enemies...and marksmen... He looks down on bows and 'sticks' as he calls spears and such like, but he has friends in the waywatcher division, and perhaps one or two people he likes in the marksmen.

Background: Druss was a young boy, living in Yew at the winery at the abbey with his parents and sister. His father made a good living for them out of his winemaking skills and they were happy. When Druss was eighteen and out catching the fish for their lunch, brigands came and raided the winery, brutally raping and murdering his mother, and driving his father temporarily insane with pain. Druss attacked them, being already six feet tall and skilled with a sword, but they beat him and threw him into the forest. He returned to the winery when he regained conciousness, only to find his mother naked, dead, and hanging with a rope round her neck from the winery sign. His father, walking out, delerious with agony, saw this and screamed. He ran, ran and ran. Druss chased after him but he couldn't catch him. Walking back into the destroyed winery, Druss found his sister, merely a child of six months, and carried her to Britain with him. He found a foster family, and set to work as a blacksmith's apprentice. He built up his already considerable muscles, and grew even more. At the age of twenty five he left Britain and his five year old sister for yew again, intent on fashioning a new life for himself in the King's Militia that had been too late to save his family. He joined not to take revenge, but to prevent what happened to him from happening to anyone. Recently, his father returned to Yew also, and hearing that his son was serving the king, made all haste towards Stonekeep, where the two met again after thirteen years. His father died a few years later of old age, and Druss buried him next to the winery that he once so loved. Druss has heard rumours that his sister is around Yew, and has been trying to find him, but in truth he has little wish to see her again, it would be too painful and bring back too many bad memories. He saw her once, or at least he thought he did, around Stonekeep in a trainee's uniform and badge, but that trainee disappeared soon after, and he imagined that it was just another girl who looked like her.

Alignment: Neutral Good - Generally law abiding, but will jump at an opportunity for rum, legal or no...

Reputation: Known for being harsh to people who annoy him in the lower ranks. He is ferocious about discipline in the lower ranks, although he himself is quite lax most of the time.

Motivations/goals: [to be filled]

Quote: " The only good elf is a dead elf, and the only thing better than a dead elf is a dying elf who tells yer where to find its mates."



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