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Richard Maxwell

Advanced character profile :

Richard Maxwell

Full name: Richard Maxwell

Known as: Richard Maxwell

Rank: Rookie Marksman

Recruitment day: 2003-02-12

Appearance: Richard is not tall or short, average built man with cruel slim facial features with sharply moulded Van Dyke decorating it. He wears necklace with thousands of little diamonds.

Work-description: Richard is as all marksmen, sworn defenders of Stonekeep garrison. He spends his day insuring Stonekeep and the immediate surroundings are hostile free.

Personality: Richard is as any man of strict diciplin, he is cruel and harsh to people not of his closed circle of friends, hes word can be sometimes swift as his whip and he has no tolerance of disobediance what so ever.

His closest friends are only people seeing his soft side, he is friendly towards people he cares about and offers his hand when friends need him, these facts rarely if never reaches to public knowledge as he is strongly proud of his reputation as capable marksman and he sees kindness in leadership weakness.

Background: Richard was born in Yew to a fairly wealthy family. His father had made his fortune and fame in the Yewish land trades and owned fair bit of land with rich soil, which he rented to the peasent for farming.

When Richard was growing up in his mid teens his father took him to the court for merhant meet up, even Richard whom had grown in wealth and had seen the glamorous life all his youth was impressed of seeing many of the britannia's noble men, this had huge impact to his growing up. He became with the same moment one of them mentaly.

Many years had passed and it would be a fact, that the life of a noble would not do him good it had twisted his reason. On his twenty first birthday Sir Richard II, Richard's father told Richard that he would lose his stature as a noble and he had to join the King's Militia in Yew or else Richard would never inherit his father and the noble stature. He had no choise but to travel to stonekeep and enlist to service.

His taste to expensive wines is legendary.

Alignment: True Neutral - Chaotic Good


Motivations/goals: Richard finds life of Marksman rewarding, the time he has spent in the militia has turned his mind and is proud member of the Marksmen untill the day he dies.

Quote: " Well well, suck my brains and call me a trainee"


Medals: "The King's Silver Ankh"

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