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Sineal Walker

Advanced character profile :

Sineal Walker

Full name: Sineal Walker

Known as: Sineal Walker

Rank: Besieger Corporal

Recruitment day: 2002-02-01

Appearance: Has short, reddish hair and deep blue eyes. He has the appearence of a battle scarred veteran, although his face is rarely seen, hidden benath his dark helm. He does not stand especially tall, but still makes an imposing character, his strength being evident even whilst wearing his bulky armour.

Work-description: Sineal is currently the besieger corporal, and has the job of keeping the besiegers organised and the best combat division. This does not exclude him from front line combat however, and he is often the first man to wade into a melee

Personality: A cold and uncomprimising man in public, who would not strike most as an agreeable fellow. He thinks little of bullying trainees, especially the ones who see themselves above their rank. However, in private with a bottle of brandy and people he knows, he can quite relaxed and friendly. He is obsessed with tactics and a fairly competant leader, which he is not modest about, often gloating that 'Sineal's team NEVER looses' in battle training. He distrusts not just other races, but people from anywhere other than Yew, especially Trinsicians, whom he believes possess all the characteristics he hates - greed, snobbishness, cowardice and weakness. He especially despises foreign nobles who did not earn their position whatsoever.

Background: To his great shame, Sineal was sent to one of the few schools in Brittania as a child by his parents who served in the militia. He did not enjoy most lessons, and only really was enthusiastic about learning how battles in the past were won, and picking fights with fellow pupils. He eventually ran away and joined a group of gypsies. At the age of 15, the gypsies travelled through Yew and Sineal discovered both his parents were dead. Determined to take his parents place as defenders of Yew, he lied about his age and signed up.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral - Although he is a honourable defender of the people of Yew, he is also xenophobic and a bigot.

Reputation: Sineal is seen by most as a harsh man who believes firmly in discipline, duty and respect. He is also a feared warrior - the only man to have earned a total of three champion ribbons. However, his friends know he can often be lazy and has a jovial side. He is also known as a collector of gems, and is rumoured to be able to retire a very rich man from his expansive collection, which often begs the question of why he doesn't do just that.

Motivations/goals: Sineal wants to make the besiegers a great and feared division once again, the best warriors in Yew. He also secretly would like to gain more members for the cult of Pyros, overthrow the church and liberate the people from it's opression, but he does not speak of this.

Quote: " 'Wine for boys, ale for men, brandy for heroes'"


Medals: "The King's Gold Ankh"

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