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Albert Turkel

Advanced character profile :

Albert Turkel

Full name: Albert Turkel

Known as: Albert Turkel

Rank: Footman

Recruitment day: 2004-10-16

Appearance: Standing 6'8" with broad shoulders. Slim built but has the apperance of a working man. Has Brown hair and a small goatee. His hair is almost always neat and the goatee trimmed.

Work-description: Is currently a Footman in the Guardsmen Militia and earning a living and trying to reach Rookie Guard through hard work and loyalty.

Personality: Albert is reasonable and just. He will decide for himself if a action is good or bad and will act accordingly. He can be harsh on the juniors and making them do hard work but he does so to help them from making it through the day and saving them from the hardy supriors even harder work. He is aiming to become Besieger

Background: Worked as a farmer and scout before he Joined the Militia. Comes from the Northern region of Yew and grew up with his family of 3 including himself. He never had a brother or sister but sure have wished for one.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral -


Motivations/goals: To Become a well known warrior and Besieger and make that division one of the most feared Divisions in all Yew.

Quote: " "Bugger..." "Erhm...Right sah!""



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