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Thor Grenax

Advanced character profile :

Thor Grenax

Full name: Thor Grenax

Known as: Thor Grenax

Rank: Veteran Guard

Recruitment day: 0000-00-00

Appearance: Thor Grenax is a short and brute dwarf, muscular beyond belief, reaching about to the chest of normal men. He is broad-shouldered with a grim face, a big nose and a long savage beard. His voice is strong and grumpy both at a time, and everything he says is underlined with very harsh and straightforward body language. Thor only speaks in simple words, and he does't seem to know what grammar is. He wears a specially made Guardsman Uniform, half as long and twice as broad as a usual one. Thor always carries a finely made and awfully large axe compared to the size of himself, either in his sturdy hands or fastened to his back.

Work-description: As the dwarf has taken up the work of a Guardsman, he patrols the roads, taxes wayfarers and fights tough battles in the name of the Militia.

Personality: Just as most other dwarves, Thor is a simple-minded person. He never lies, cheats or gets involved in any trouble. Not being without prejudices he thinks lowly of most "humons" and he doesn't like elves at all. He loves to drink ale and to chop wood, and he really loves killing greenskins. But most of all, he loves his axe, which is a family heirloom. Thor is very proud of his dwarven kinsfolk.

Background: The Grenax (Great Axe in dwarven tongue) family make a living by selling wood very cheaply, as they are all lumberjacks. Thor was raised after these proud tree-chopping ideals and was a good dwarf all of his life. When he had grown beard and become a real clansman he had a wife named Mirga, and she gave birth to a son. As he didn't like children very much he decided to go out and get a "humon job" for a while and return to his wife Mirga when their son had grown up. Thus, he started working as a Guardsman. Mirga is expecting him in another fifty years.

Alignment: True Neutral - Thor isn't really out to help anyone. He's just doing his job, and he likes it!

Reputation: As Dwarves are much better fighters than most Britannians would guess, Thor has carved himself a reputation with his axe. Few people have felt its blade and lived to tell the tale.

Motivations/goals: The main goal for Thor is to return home to his family and make them proud. And to stay away from his home for a while longer. Until then he just wants to have a good time and kill as many orcs as possible.

Quote: " Elfie elfie sit in tree. Dwarf chop down, stomp stomp elfie knee!"


Medals: "The King's Gold Ankh" "The Iron Heart"

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