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William Francis McCormac

Advanced character profile :

William Francis McCormac

Full name: William Francis McCormac

Known as: William McCormac

Rank: Trainee

Recruitment day: 2004-09-10

Appearance: William McCormac is a rather short man, almost a head shorter than the normal man. But what he lacks in height he makes up in width. He is a stocky man with a strong build. His eyes are steely grey, his skin tanned from hard work. William wears his hair long, and no less long is his beard, which he beleives to be proof of his manhood.

Work-description: William McCormac is a trainee in the Guardsmen Militia. Ussually he is ordered to do the grunt work of the Militia; chopping logs, getting bandages, etc. Most of William's time is spent following orders and undergoing inspection.

Personality: William is a jolly lad. He ussually tries to cheer up his fellow guardsmen, even though it has landed him in some sticky situations with various superiors. William is a high beleiver in the Avatari religion, and follows it almost as fanatically as the templi.

Background: William was born in the North-East forest of Yew, somewhat to the west of Sanctum Town. Ever since he could walk, William would wander the forests, always seeking adventure, and discovering new things forhimself. Soon, William found himself hunting the forests, and learning the lay of the land, and the people who live therien. William became enamoured with the teachings the Witch-Hunters had to offer, and became obsessed with the Avatari's stories, especially those of great crusades. But soon, he knew he had a much larger charge than a simple wanderer in the forest. Taking leave of his father and mother, William packed nothing but some provisions, and a sword. William making his way southwest came upon a green meadow, witha road running through, and many armoured men running to and fro. Curious, William talked to one of the Guards who he later found out was Olaf Helmgard. Olaf told him of the Militia, and becoming interested, asked where to sign up. Soon, Will was strutting in his new uniform, feeling proud and important, but within minutes, it was crushed by the bluntness of his superiors. Wiliam spent a year as a trainee, but soon, on one fatefull Patroll, it was all stripped from him. The Guards were alerted of a Orc Raid on the eastern Road north of the Shire. Quickly, a detachment of about a dozen guards, including William headed out to thwart the raid and secure the Road. Upon the march, the Patroll was set upon by large, almost trollish Orcs. Soon, the party was overwhelmed. During the retreat, William was struck down by a Heavy hammer, captured, and was never seen again..

Alignment: Neutral Good - Though a relatively passive man, William will help those who follow the interests of his Superiors, or the Avatari Religion.

Reputation: William was known as a kind man, who didn't mind sharing an ale or a word or two with people he met. But not many knew of William, and he came to no great prominence in the affairs in Yew.

Motivations/goals: William's Motivations were to become one of the Halberdiers, some of the militia's strongest and bravest soldiers, but ussually kept their affairs secret.

Quote: " Aye sah! Bu' where's me ale!?"



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