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Phil Lynx

Advanced character profile :

Phil Lynx

Full name: Phil Lynx

Known as: Phil Lynx

Rank: Missing Corsair

Recruitment day: 0000-00-00

Appearance: A gruff and Salty sea dog if ever there was one.. His mangy Yellow Hair is blotted with beads and trinkets which he seems unable to remove. His height and build are not impressive but those whom are quick to underestimate him.. are even quicker to fall by his hand.

Work-description: Phil rarly talks of work..

Personality: A Generally cheery man who always has a tale to tell. He is mostly passive and will avoid a fight if he can. If he finds this is not an option, he becomes rather like a rabid dog, In more than one sense of the phrase.

Background: He started his life as a Pirate, Sailing the High sea`s. Plundering ships and ports of whatever he could. However, he was soon fooled into a trap set by Captain Alithrya of the Yew Militia. and his punishment was that he be her cabin boy till his debts had been payed off. What began as hatred, grew to respect and he chose to follow her loyally as a Corsair.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral -

Reputation: Phil is unaware that he has a reputation what so ever, and feels that if he wasnt issued with one.. or didnt fish it up from the sea.. he wouldnt need it.

Motivations/goals: Drink.. Swear.. Eat.. Get with women (No treehuggers please) and say Arrr Allot

Quote: " Arrrrrrrr"


Medals: "The Iron Heart" "The King's Gold Ankh"

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