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Borgio Finstermoor

Advanced character profile :

Borgio Finstermoor

Full name: Borgio Finstermoor

Known as: Borgio

Rank: Veteran Guard

Recruitment day: 2001-12-11

Appearance: A strong, sturdy looking human, with dark brown eyes. His long green hair flowing over his shoulders with a delicate grace. He holds himself upright, his wide eyes piercing deep into your soul.

Work-description: Borgio has been in the militia long enough to get him where he is. taking on the armour of a Veteren guard, he takes his position very seriously. He will constantly belittle other ranks and will never back down.

Personality: To his friends Borgio seems kind, nice and a trusted ally, but to those not in his inner circle, he comes across as arrogant and rude. He is extremely impetuous and will always be the first in battle if he can help it. He still views anybody that doesn't speak perfect Britannia to be "common" and will look down upon them. If its a superior in rank he will respect them, as was the way he was brought up, but he will resort to slander behind their backs. Although he is losing his ability to speak properly, from the time he has spent with the other guardsmen and the time spent as a Corsair

Background: Borgio lived with his parents in the large manor just east of the moongate in Minoc, born into noble heritage his life was fully planned. After coming of age he was to continue running his estate. Fate however saw things a little differently. Rogues attacked his home slaying his father and razing his manor. Forced into manual labour he cared for his mother until too she died. Resorting to any tactics he could to escape he travelled to Yew to start a new life. He made it a few days hence and was none the worse for wear. Raising through the rank structure rapidly, Borgio joined the Corsairs where he served for many years. Rising to the rank of First Corsair before taking yet another one of his "Voyages". Coming back to find the Corsairs disbanded and the navy in tatters, Borgio will strive to work his way forward

Alignment: Neutral Evil -


Motivations/goals: To reinstate the Corsairs to their rightful place To locate his missing love, Nadia

Quote: " Kiss my pigeon"



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