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Nina Fox

Advanced character profile :

Nina Fox

Full name: Nina Fox

Known as: Fox, or Nina

Rank: Rookie Guard

Recruitment day: 0000-00-00

Appearance: A Plain looking young woman, Nina makes no effort to make herself look any better. She feels there is no point, "Im only going to get covered in mud and blood today anyway". She acts odd around other women who so freely wear fancy clothes and jewels. perhaps its jealousy. She stands at around 5 foot and has a slim and toned build, Only a slight aura of darkness around her would make her stand out, but her ability to blend in, is somthing she prides herself on.

Work-description: Nina enjoys static patrols of the keep and dealing with passersby, always willing to meet new people to break the boredom of the early shift.

Personality: Her personality changes of the flip of a coin. She may be cheerful one moment and miserable the next. She keeps mostly to her self and is hard to read.

Background: She was captured at a young age by Pirates and forced to become the ships cook.. Toiling away below deck, she began to mix poison with the broth. Over time she became so skilled that she had finished off the entire crew in one sitting. She jumped ship and found herself in the port of Yew. After years in the Militia and reaching the rank of Rookie Marksman she dissapeared from sight in search of her parents. Having now returned, she seems more guarded She returned years later to finish her dutys.

Alignment: Chaotic Good -

Reputation: Little is thought of Nina.. She is rarly noticed and rarly thought about.

Motivations/goals: Nina would someday hope, to find out what happened to her parents after she was kidnapped. Someday she will become a waywatcher, and put her old skills to use again.

Quote: " I have an idea!"



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