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Leo Madsen

Advanced character profile :

Leo Madsen

Full name: Leo Madsen

Known as: Leo

Rank: Veteran Guard

Recruitment day: 2005-09-04

Appearance: Leo is 5"9, stocky farmer from Yew, with dark chestnut brown hair and light, misty grey eyes. He has a broad yewish accent. Nothing exceptional really. He appears to be in his early twenties.

Work-description: Leo does all the regular Rookie Guard tasks, patrolling, taxing, fighting when and where he's ordered. He spends a lot of his time making arrows and bolts for his bow and crossbow as well. He is also Sergeant Davens Log Keeper.

Personality: Leo is a pretty amiable, likeable guy occaisionally prone to bouts of cynicism or sarcasm. Leo is distinctly aware of class and money barriers between himself and other guardsmen, having been a poor farmer all his life. He isn't a hero or a leader, he's just a regular guy.

Background: Leo was raised on a farm in Yew. Since he was young he helped his parents on the farm, and then later inherited it upon their deaths. However the swamp began to drown his crops and the monsters began to attacking his cattle and chickens until he had nothing left whatsoever. having no money and no where to go Leo joined the local militia.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral -

Reputation: Nothing of any interest.

Motivations/goals: Leo doesn't have many goals or motivations since his farm failed and he lost his land. At the moment his only goals are to earn more money, find a place to rent and where his next meal is coming from.

Quote: " Aww heck!"



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