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Jack Kirkland

Advanced character profile :

Jack Kirkland

Full name: Jack Kirkland

Known as: Jack

Rank: Beseiger

Recruitment day: 2004-11-03

Appearance: Jack is 6ft 10' tall. He is strong and well built. He has long red hair, which is almost always tied back in a ponytail. He is hardly ever seen out of uniform, unless engaging in a training exercise which requires him to be. He bears several scars to his chest, and arms, and a rather dominant one to his right hand.

Work-description: Jack is an accepted beseiger. His routine work consist of blowing things up, bashing people and things, and defending Yews borders, in Stonekeep, or father off.

Personality: Jack is a rather happy fellow. He is usually quick with a joke or jibe. His loves include ale, jokes and battle. He is not modest about his strength or abilities. He is quick to defend his own honor, that of the besiegers, and the Militia in general. Jack will never tolerate anything which may compromise his besieger bretherin. He does not hesitate to draw his weapon if he feels it nessecary. He has been known to chase lower ranks around with a club should they stray from disipline, usually with a cry of "I'll bash yer good [rank]!". Jack will always follow the orders of his superiors, wether he agrees with them or not. When nessecary he will only question an order with the guardsman that issued it, in private, and after the fact.

Background: Jack grew up in northern Yew, helping his father on the family farm. He assisted in many trade runs by sea to deliver grain to the west. After the plague destroyed many crops and farms all over Yew, Jack left the farm, his mother, father and younger brother Joshua in search of the militia. He joined up at age 18, unbeknownst to him, to be shortly followed by Joshua. Jack set out to serve Yew as a corsair, but quickly became aware that life was not for him. After a breif period of though, Jack looked to the besiegers for guidance for his rapidly developing battle tactics, and prowess as a swords, and armsman. After receiving his rookie quest, Jack was then offered a place amongst the besiegers upon completion of a series of tests which would prove him worthy. Since then Jack has matured significantly, he has embraced the strong besieger traits of disipline, honor, and valor. His conduct since has seen him rise to become an accepted beseiger, a seasoned warrior, masterful tactiction and a very able leader. He is renowned for his bravery, swordsplay and honor.

Alignment: Lawful Good - Loyal to Yew, and the King, Lord British.

Reputation: Jack was once known as some what of a clown. An immature trainee with a wild sense of humor. As he has aged, and been guided by older besiegers, he has grown into a confident, and exceptional warrior. His presence on the battlefield always draws the attention of his enemies, whether due to his size, combat prowess, besiger uniform, or a combination of the above is unknown.

Motivations/goals: Jack strives to defend Yew at all costs, protecting his family, homeland and fellow guardsmen. He would like to someday become the besiger corporal, or perhaps rise to become an officer in the militia.

Quote: " "Better ter die on yer feet than live on yer knees!" - "I'll bash yer good trainee!""


Medals: "The King's Bronze Ankh"

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