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Henry Lumbard

Advanced character profile :

Henry Lumbard

Full name: Henry Lumbard

Known as: Henry Lumbard

Rank: D'Gar Guard

Recruitment day: 2003-11-17

Appearance: Henry is considerd to be huge by most, bigger than most average men... He stands at a massive 210cm with a neck like the one of a bull and a weight of 120kg He got a very hardend body where only bones and muscles can be spotted. He also got very thick and strong forearms, upper arms and legs due to hard work from youth and during early days of Militia career. He looks at you with a pair of brown eyes that seems to have calmed by the time. He used to have brown hair, but after serving as a Besieger, his redish tone in his hair had never really faded away completly wich makes his hair brown, redish.

Work-description: Henry is both quite a clever man who uses his brain to work around things if needed, or to solve mysteries. But after having been taught the fine arts of how to use a mace and sword properly by the Besiegers he now combined his "Inteligence & Raw power" and got offerd a position to work for the Lord Protector, Klion where he now remains in loyal service.

Personality: Henry is a man who believes that strict discipline is a must amongst the guardsmen and won't hesitate to punish one if he finds a guardsman who lack of discipline. After several years of service he has now calmed down abit and is now seen socialising more often than he usually did in his former days. And if known well, Henry is a real womaniser who loves the company of a nice lass from time to time.

Background: Henry was born and raised in Minoc regions by his parents who were rich and well reputed merchants, but after having followed them on a long caravan with several other merchants through the lands of sosaria, but when passing along the eastern roads of Yew they were all ambushed by a big horde of lurking orcs, the merchants defended themselves as good as possible, but we're outnumberd and didn't stand a chance against the orcs.. Henry on the other hand managed to crawl under the carriage and run towards what seemed to be a big garrisson. When looking over his shoulder he had a big ammount of orcs in persuit after him, henry screamed for help and from nowhere appeard a large force of Guardsmen with shiny armour, blades and shields...Plunged into the orcish horde making short work of them.. A truly inspiring but sad moment it was.. After having lost his family and being saved by the Guardsmen, he found that joining them was the only option left for him to get stronger and have his vengance on the orcs some day...

Alignment: Lawful Neutral - Lawful Good

Reputation: Henry is well known for his striving efforts to keep his body in top shape by working out long, often and hard. He is also know to have a good hand when it comes to bonding with new people and is known among many of the allied forces.

Motivations/goals: His goals are to serve the Milita as much as possible until the day he falls in the field. He strives to make a good impression and one day retire as a high ranking officer with his honour in behold so he can look back and be proud of what he achieved.

Quote: " Strong men are not born strong, but made strong"



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