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Alithyra McLear (Maiden name Songsteel)

Advanced character profile :

Alithyra McLear (Maiden name Songsteel)

Full name: Alithyra McLear (Maiden name Songsteel)

Known as: Alithyra

Rank: Captain

Recruitment day: 2001-01-22

Appearance: Alithyra is a young lass in her mid-twenties. She is of average height for a woman, very attractive with a slim but very athletic frame. She has inherited her Mother's beauty and her flame red hair, with makes a striking contrast with her bright blue eyes. Her eyes are her most noticeable feature; a whirlpool of emotion, eye contact is Alithyra's key methods of communication. A wink, icy glare or raised eyebrow from her usually says more than words. When she does speak however, her voice is quite forceful, with a very rough accent which indicates her Yew peasantry upbringing.

Work-description: Alithyra is a Captain in the Guardsmen Militia. As an officer she is responsible for organising and leading the troops, often into battle, as well as settling disputes with outsiders and maintaining the Militia's public relations.

She served very proudly for several years in the Corsairs, and is still a Blue-arm at heart, caring deeply for the division and its members. Whilst slowly becoming a very capable warrior, she had in her early corsair days developed her prowess at disarming and opening locked chests, a skill set rare within the militia. Thus, any dungeon patrol usually sees her cracking into the treasures strewn around such places, and she rarely misses a treasure hunt. She patrols the sea whenever an opportunity arises, and is an accomplished sailor.

Personality: Alithyra is a very hard worker - she is not the biggest, strongest, or fastest of guards, but makes up for any physical shortcomings by putting every effort into her militia duties. She is a devoted and loyal servant of the militia, and has a strong sense of discipline. Her ethic of hand work and strict discipline means that she expects the same of the guards under her, and detests laziness or insubordination. Her days as a trainee has all but removed her arrogance and impetuosity, but her confidence is variable and she is often unsure in her own abilities. She does however place great faith in her militia brethren. She takes her responsibility for the guards very seriously, leads from the front and will always stand and fight, for better or worse. She is generally good natured, often with a witty quip to hand, but tries to presents a solid but fair exterior, and does have a fiery temper when crossed. She worked hard to get her position and she will not tolerate her orders being questioned by the lower ranks or disobeyed. Whilst always willing to look for a peaceful solution to incidents, she is not afraid in drawing steel when there is no alternative.

She resents being called 'Sir', and calling her 'a lady' will certainly not find favour either - while she does possess much inner grace, she sees it in her guards duty as a weakness. She has devoted her life to the militia and her husband John McLear.

Background: Alithyra was born in Yew to Eleanor, a young healer. Her father, a British Warrior, went to Trinsic to fight the forces of Jou'nar and never returned. In his absence, her mother was slain in one of the many attacks on Yew, an incident Alithyra held her father responsible for as she believed he should have stayed and defended his family and adopted home. Raised by her Uncle, a fisherman by trade who taught her much about the life of a sailor, she grew up determined to take to arms and defend Yew, thus she joined the militia. Living the life of a soldier, Alithyra started to understand why her Father's sense of duty compelled him to leave Yew, and having spent a couple years in the forests, her sailors heart was missing the ocean, and she joined the Corsairs. She rose through the ranks quickly in the division, reaching Division First, after which she was granted her first officer commision as the joint first female Sergeant in the militia. She is now the only female Captain in the Guards long and distinguished history.

Her fathers sense of Honour and her Mothers sense of Compassion has resulted in a young woman who believes strongly in upholding the law, and also caring for the innocent, and especially her friends. She cares greatly for the guards under her command, and is often cautious when their lives are placed in her hands.

Alignment: Lawful Good - .

Reputation: Alithyra's good spirit has won her many friends in the militia, and she is very popular with guardsmen of all ranks. She treats the lower ranks fairly and with respect, but has no hesitation in dealing with those who step out of line. She has earned the respect of many, and has risen quickly through the ranks through hard work and unswerving loyalty. Whilst not physically big she has a very strong presence when she is around. She has caught the eye of many male guards, but any advances on their part have always (with the exception of John) resulted in a fierce and often violent rebuttal from her.

Motivations/goals: Alithyra is jutifiably very proud of what she has achieved in the militia, and is particularly proud of being the first woman Captain. She lives to serve, and wishes to inspire other guards with her ethic of hard work and discipline. Her motivation in life is to make a difference, and not let anyone down.

Quote: " "If ye think ye can do this job better than me lad, then earn this badge. Until then, shut yer gap and do as I say"

"'Sir' !? Hmm, ye better get ta a physician quick lad and get 'em eyes checked !"

"Disobey my orders again trainee and ye'll be choppin enough wood ta build us a new Church !"

"See that spot over there ? Well, if me nay gets this trap disarmed right, thas where ye'll find whats left o' me."

Art by: Salix



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