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Nathaniel Hawk

Advanced character profile :

Nathaniel Hawk

Full name: Nathaniel Hawk

Known as: Nath or Hawk

Rank: Marksman

Recruitment day: 2005-04-04

Appearance: An almost 2 meters tall man stands in front of you with wide arms and shoulders he doesn’t seem to be too heavy but still muscular built. He seems to be gazing into your eyes. His face seems stern, emotionless until a slight smile appears on one corner of his lips. He now regards you with friendly look. His cheekbones seem to be more visible than most other people. White locks of hair floats about playfully in the wind giving his face a small contrast of dark and light. Two emerald bright eyes can be seen shining out from his dark toned skin as well looking at you up and down with a bright green light. Smaller scars can be found on his face, probably caused from years of fighting. On the left side of his belt there’s a kryss attached, it seems to be well tended to along with the bow that’s resting over his shoulder. On the back he has a cloak attached wearing the marksman uniform with pride. Can often be seen leaning against a wall or on his shepherds crook.

Work-description: The missile weapons are the main profession of Nathaniel. Making sure to keep Stonekeep and the rest of Yew safe is a priority among other things. Though you can often just see Nathaniel stand about doing nothing. And most likely probably sleeping. Though when there is a job to do he's someone anyone should be able to count on. Visitations can also be something Nathaniel would do to see for illegal weapons or magical items. So be aware. Otherwise he's just about to keep the looks of the militia up.

Personality: Even if Nathaniel had a quite tough past he decided that he would have to cover it up. Therefore he appears to be a quite happy person, after all he still keeps a small dose of sarcasm with him but still acts cold when he wishes too. But whenever Nathaniel is alone, his memories come back to him and his mind fills with anger, hate and mourning. Thinking it’s still his father who pushed his mother down the steps he has developed a certain hate for him which Nathaniel still keeps with himself. Nathaniel has certain calmness around him and is pretty careless about those that are not close to him. Nathaniel would still do his best to fulfill his work as a Marksman and please the superiours.

Background: Nathaniel was raised as the only child in the city of Nu’jelm. He lived with his mother Anuria and his father Rasha in a big marble villa just near the coast. His mother had a family “sickness” as some called it and it made her and her parents hair white. His parents was put together by their rich families and even Nathaniel could see that they never got along well or liked each other too much but they were together for his sake. Nathaniel often woke up late in the evening from the sound of smashing glass and shouting between his two parents but he forced to ignore it most of the times. Rasha often used methods of punishment for when Nathaniel ever did anything bad or came home too late. Nathaniel spent most of his days together with his friend Lucas which was the neighbors’ son. Each day they went down to the beach and jumped into the water diving after pearls and other riches they could find beneath the surface. Their parents always advised them always to keep an eye open for danger. Whatever that was found they sold on the local market getting a fairly high price for most things. Lucas and Nathaniel decided they would make a life saving for them so they could get off the island one day and discover the world together. They hid all the money they gathered beneath a rock at the Nu’jelm graveyard. One day they went down to the beach as usual, Lucas jumped into the water without looking about if it was safe. Nathaniel could see the sharks moving closer to Lucas small body. His head then disappeared beneath the surface and the water turned into red within a few minutes. When Nathaniel returned with help the sea was already calm and there was no sign of Lucas. His friend was 13 years old the day he got eaten by sharks just as old as Nathaniel. Some years went past and Nathaniel was still suffering of a depression from his friends’ death. One night his mother and father got into a fight again. This time it was more vigorously and the shouting were loud but with some smaller screams it finally stopped and the place went quiet. Next morning Nathaniel stood up and went down to get something to eat. He found Rasha sitting at the table with a liquor bottle in his left hand. Nathaniel regarded his fathers knuckle and could see smaller wounds in them as if he had hit something. His father turned his head slightly peering Nathaniel into his eyes. He then told him that his mother had slipped at the stairs falling down hitting her head against the marble steps and then broke her neck. Nathaniel watched his father for a moment; hate building up inside of him he then returned to his room. His mother was buried in the land of Ilshenar, near the shrine of Sacrifice. Nathaniel still visits her grave today. Some more years went by and Nathaniel watched his father becoming an alcoholic. Often when he got drunk he began to beat Nathaniel up seriously each time forcing him to crawl back to his room. Finally the day came when Nathaniel had enough of his fathers’ abuse and decided to leave his home and the island. Nathaniel packed a small supply of what he thought he would need on the trip and went off in the middle of the night to Nu’jelm graveyard. He pushed the rock away and took all the money that he and Lucas had saved up to. Taking the first ship he was now heading for Trinsic. He didn’t know much about Trinsic but he thought he would be able to start a business there as he already knew the britannian language. The sun was shining when he arrived to harbor. Jumping off entering the eastern part of the city he took a stroll down the street. Nathaniel was still only a boy of 16 and pretty unsure of what would happen. He then found a small leaflet. “The Guardsmen Militia, Defend Yew” Nathaniel was instantly attached by thought of becoming a guardsman. He refilled his supplies once more leaving Trinsic…moving towards Yew.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral -

Reputation: As a trainee Nathaniel was very undiciplined and even if he have changed during the years he still has a long way to go before achiving true respect from his superiours. At the yewish games he once came at the third place. Which doens't make him too fameous. But he certainly won the fencing tournament and still has the golden fencing mask trophy hanging on the wall of his home. Due to his past work in the waywatchers he has done some spying jobs on Magincia which also gave him a better reputation. Untill he left the waywatchers. The church is nay liking of Nathaniel. He has been force married once when the church found out about Nathaniels relationship with a certain footwoman. He has also been accused for being a drow lover, which still lingers from time to time in peoples mouths. His fingers holds many rings, most rewards from diffrent beasts he's slain by himself in the past.

Motivations/goals: Nathaniel is very proud to be one of the Marksmen. His dream is to make a good effort to the division and wishes to see the reputation of them rise. His wishes are now to just climb further up in the ranks of the Marksmen and to make himself known by his comrades and the militia. Though one day he wishes to return to Nu’jelm…and have a smaller ‘chat’ with his father about the death of his mother which is still not forgotten.

Quote: " How quaint! Run away!"



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