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Larynda D'Gar

Advanced character profile :

Larynda D'Gar

Full name: Larynda D'Gar

Known as: Larynda

Rank: Lady D'Gar

Recruitment day: 2003-11-02

Appearance: Larynda stands 172 cm in height and is due to her drow heritage slim and gracefull build. Her long silky white hair which is reaching far down her back, the crimson red eyes, her pointy ended ears and the dark skin are more indications of her race. Her movements show high agility rather than much strength and she is looking very focused most of the time. As she is very proud of her looks Larynda makes sure that her gear is looking neatly in shape just as herself. Larynda considers herself as attractive looking and all those not being distainfull of drow would surely agree.

Work-description: none specified

Personality: After the long time serving among humans in the Milita Larynda was able to drop most of her former character traits. But still a large amount of arrogance, selfishness and rudeness are showing from time to time. Larynda is very proud of her achievements within the Militia and sometimes seems to be very full of herself about that matter. Although not being downright evil to anyone she is oftenly making sarcastic remarks or taunts peoples or their actions in a more or less subtle fashion if she considers it adequate. As she completely believes that the success of the Miltia will gurantee her savety, wealth and station she is completely loyal to the Militia and the Church and doing anything necessary for them. She is very unforgiving and consequent meaning friends can quickly become enemies to her, given a reason. Larynda is also lacking the consience some humans would show; she can accept injustice she witnesses, doesn't care too much about people being hurt or killed by her orders or actions and lacks the usual sentimental feelings others would show about sad events. Her marriage with Klion has added an aspect to her life Larynda never knew while she was living among the people of her own, love. Although she wouldn't admit it towards anyone she is very depended on the care of her husband.

Background: Larynda spend her childhood and many following years among her kindred in the drow city of Chaulssin. The reasons why Larynda, still bearing the family name Helvyriin back then left her home are unkown. She is not very talkative about her past either. Shortly after arriving on the surface she stumbled across the guardsmen and saw it as opportunity for her. After nearly being burned by the church she was able to explain the worth a drow being taught in the ways of chasing down elves and other drow could have to the church and was therefor spared. Since then she has shown her loyality and worth to the church on several occassions which has allowed her to serve among the Militia.

Alignment: Neutral Evil -

Reputation: none specified

Motivations/goals: Larynda worked long and hard to get a high ranking position within the Militia. Now after reaching that her main ambition is to show her worth of the rank. With the Waywatchers being her choosen career in the Militia she puts a lot of effort into the division that is offering her the best options for her abilities. She dreams of an ever increasing efficency and reputation of the Waywatcher division under her leadership. As she is also secretly longing for acknowledgement of others she will do anything to lead the division and its members to a bright future.

Quote: " Hmm..
Shields are for cowards to hide behind.
I blame the footman..
Trainees make good arrow fodder in battle"

Ribbons: "Ribbon of Discipline" "Ribbon of Merit" "Ribbon of Standards" "The Service Cross"

Medals: "The King's Silver Pen" "The King's Gold Ankh" "The Iron Heart"

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