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Nadia Louise Smith

Advanced character profile :

Nadia Louise Smith

Full name: Nadia Louise Smith

Known as: Nadia

Rank: Waywatcher

Recruitment day: 2003-04-01

Appearance: She is of medium height at 5'5 with long flowing hair down past her shoulders, dyed black from her natural baby blonde colour which she felt made her look too young. Her eyes are dark blue and show well against her pale complexion, her lips are often a rosy red colour. There are several scars on her, two faint claw marks on her face one on her forehead and the over on her cheek which have faded with time, her back is marked with several deep scares making a H and X shape, and she is missing the ring finger of her left hand. She has an athletic build about her with slightly muscled arms but not overly so, her body is a feminine shape that shows well in her female Waywatcher uniform.

Work-description: Waywatcher and translator of many languages.

Personality: Nadia's personality has changed greatly over her time in the Militia, often due to those close to her. From being an ambitious trainee and footman to a moody and often spiteful Rookie to the calmer and more friendly person that she is now, although still sarcastic in many ways. Nadia is very quick to protect those she cares for but is slow to get too close to anyone due to being hurt in the past though she often likes to flirt with several guards whom she considers her friends but mainly in a friendly way. Having learnt much over time she feels confident about her skills and abilities and tries to make fewer risks than she used to. She doesn't like to see someone being wrongfully judged so will often try to find out the truth before hand, even at the distrust of others. She used to drink weak poison mixed with wine as a painkiller after a tournament accident that broke her collar bone, which she will occasionally still drink if wounded badly.

Background: Nadia's mother died when she was five so she was brought up mainly by her father, she has no siblings but considers her cousin Kylien who is of similar age to be like a sister. Nadia spent quite a happy childhood with her father in Vesper, as he was the head blacksmith they never had to struggle to survive. She was always adventurous from a young age and would get involved with the older children of the town, being mature for her age, taking part in their dares and visiting nearby caves. As she became older her father knew she held no interest in the family Blacksmithing and Mining business which he owned with his brother in Minoc and accepted her request to go and find a life of her own. She joined the Militia after hearing some of their feats from other people in the town and was intrigued by the thought of adventure, one of her childhood friends also joined up not long after and they became quite close till he decided Militia life wasn't for him and left Nadia feeling very upset. Later on she became close to another guard as she progressed on towards being a Rookie guard, following her ambition to be a Waywatcher she learnt a great deal from him but was later shunned on the return of a previous acquaintance of his. This sent her into a downward spiral of hatred and she focused solely on her new position taking up poisoning so as to seek revenge on anyone else who might try to hurt her. Through her commitment and hard work she was soon granted her Accepted Quest and after a while began to slow down taking an interest in teaching the lower ranks and spreading her knowledge and experience to them, later she became close to another guardsman who she'd always had a great deal of respect for, though their relationship was short lived it helped to path the way for her next promotion, as she learnt from him how to command others. Since becoming a Corporal, Nadia has undergone another change, she altered the way Trainees were promoted and introduced a training program to teach all the different aspects that were needed for them to learn. She slowly came to feel more alone and following the death of her father and uncle she took a short break from the militia, returning only in the hopes of developing another relationship, this time with a man outside the militia which in turn became difficult and didn't last. Now she hopes to concentrate on her career again and maybe one day find true happiness with someone.

Alignment: Chaotic Good -

Reputation: Nadia views herself to be a well respected guard both in and outside the Militia and will not have any lower rank showing any disrespect to herself or those above her. She often feels she is better than many others and will do things to prove herself to others if need be, except in duels which she does not partake in. She sees herself as a driving force in her division keen to get results for it and eager to bring in worthy recruits.

Motivations/goals: Her ambition is to continue to serve the militia as best she can.

Quote: " "


Medals: "The Iron Heart" "The King's Bronze Ankh" "The King's Gold Ankh"

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