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Advanced character profile :


Full name: Gotrex

Known as: Gotrex

Rank: Rookie Guard

Recruitment day: 2001-11-02

Appearance: Gotrex has quite a handsome face with short brown hair and a moustache, he has quite a large belly from drinking so much ale and he has large muscular arms

Work-description: None

Personality: Gotrex is a major alcoholic who is almost always drinking ale and people will very rarely see him sober, he loves his ale which he brews himself more than anything and will do anything to protect it, he is usually in a good mood and enjoys a good laugh with the other guards but can often be a bit cheeky to others though he don’t mean any harm by it. He can also be quite irrational some times and gets caught up on little things and won’t let go of the subject till it’s settled. He tends to be compassionate to underdogs in a fight and in the guards he sticks up for the trainees and footies if he thinks any higher ranked guard is being to harsh on them. Even though he is a drunk Gotrex is very honourable in a fight and would rather fight someone one on one rather than chasing them with loads of trainees and footies. Because Gotrex was exposed to terrifying creatures like liches at a young age it has the side affect of making him scared of very few things this can be a good thing and a bad thing as it makes him very brave but also means he tends to get into trouble as he will stroll into very dangerous places not worried about a thing, and also he is very proud of growing up and living in felucca and hates it when people refer to it as the “badlands” or other such names.

Background: Gotrex did not have a typical childhood at all, his family owned a house almost right next to the lich ruins in felucca were his father made a living by slaying the lich selling the items he found. But because of this instead of helping with chores on the farm like most peasant boys would he would have to stay in the house most of the time as lich would come by and attack him if he was outside. By the time he was 18 he wanted to go out and explore the world and when he saw the Guardsmen going out on patrols he decided to join them as it seemed like a good way to see the world with good company.

Alignment: Neutral Good - none

Reputation: none

Motivations/goals: none

Quote: " "


Medals: "The King's Silver Ankh"

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