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Photek the Brigand

Advanced character profile :

Photek the Brigand

Full name: Photek the Brigand

Known as: Photek (not a guardsman)

Rank: Legendary Brigand

Recruitment day: 2004-11-02

Appearance: Photek is about 40 years old, has grey hair (because of his hatred). He is skinny but used to be quite strong until one day, his swing with the staff became very slow and Photek weak.

Work-description: Photek lives a brigand's life. He used to collect a tax from hunters killing earth elementals in *his* dungeon Shame Level 1.

Personality: Photek is probably one of the greediest brigands that ever roamed the roads of Britannia. His love for money, gems and everything that seems valuable to him makes him a cruel and dangerous person. Bad conscience is something Photek doesn’t know. He won’t hesitate to abduct a lovely child if this leads to a good ransom.

Background: He never talks about the past.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil - PTB, Photek's Thugs & Brigands

Reputation: His reputation isn't that bad at all. The Orcs and Undeads feel quite comfortable with Photek hanging around in Nokhmar. That can't be said about the Guards Men Militia and the Deepwater Guards.

Motivations/goals: His Motivation is greed, his goal is getting richer!

Quote: " STOP! Give me your money or I will take it with violence!"



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