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Sarah Louise Stevens

Advanced character profile :

Sarah Louise Stevens

Full name: Sarah Louise Stevens

Known as: Sarah Stevens

Rank: Footman

Recruitment day: 2004-09-17

Appearance: Sarah's hair is jet black and stops just under her chin; at the side of her hair she has a small plait. Her skin is rather pail and she often has bags under her eyes, this however doesn't make her any less pretty. She is cute and petit, with a slim build. Around her neck she wears an old way watcher bandana, tied in a knot and on her wrist she has a golden bracelet.

Work-description: She works as a footman and does what footmen are meant to do

Personality: Bright and optimistic, Sarah always manages to look on the Brightside of things. This has its downfalls, she often feels that how friendly and nice she is, is taken advantage of. She is somewhat easy to make happy and laugh, although at times she is a little clumsy and gullible. She also has a strong skara braen accent (Scottish)

Background: Sarah comes from skara brae, where her mother was a tailor and her father cleaned up the streets. When Sarah was about 16 she worked as a delivery girl around skara. She was rejected from the Skara Braen guards because she wasn't physically strong enough.

Alignment: Neutral Good -


Motivations/goals: To become the fastest woman in Yew and to join the way watchers.

Quote: " That smells worse than, a bog thing, a plague and a man!"



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