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Mikhail Vigor

Advanced character profile :

Mikhail Vigor

Full name: Mikhail Vigor

Known as: Mikhail Vigor

Rank: Duke

Recruitment day: 1999-08-01

Appearance: Mikhail is a sailor, that much can be seen at first sight. A fully bearded, rugged face worn by the dry sea winds and the unforgiving sun harbors fierce, penetrating blueish grey eyes. Deep wrinkles have developed near his eyes, no doubt from the many hours spend squinting against the fiery light of the setting sun. His body appears to be slim and not very large, but deceivingly so. His muscles are trained well enough, and the lack of sheer power is made up by the agility and confidence of his movements. Women probably don't regard Mikhail as an handsome man, since the scars inflicted by a plenthora of weapons are many. Yet, his self-confidence and sharp features grant him above average charisma.

Work-description: As a noble of the Yew area, Mikhail is burdened with serving his homeland at a level not commonly accessible to the normal guardsman. The economy, safety and standing of Yew all belong to the agenda of the nobility. In the progress, Mikhail and his noble collegues don't shun working in favor of their own well-being. Mikhail feels his personal task is to support the militia by fighting along its side in the time of need, and safeguarding its interests by directing his powers as a noble.

Personality: Success and accomplishment are regular events in Mikhail's life, and he expects nothing less from himself, nor from others around him. He's self-confident, bordering on arrogant, and many regard him too demanding. Yet those that live up to his expectations are rewarded with a friend that will stand besides them unconditionally. Friends are an important part of Mikhail's life, and he will employ the powers available to him to their advantage. To those close to him, Mikhail is a caring, yet somewhat overprotective man. Mikhail's succes and lineage is a source of great pride for him. Pride for being in the King's service, pride for the militia and pride for his own accomplishments. He believes that hard work and a sharp mind are the key to succes, as his past has shown him. Those that waste their talents and do not become a useful part of society are those that Mikhail despises. However, he accepts the fact that some are held back by others, in which case his hate is directed towards those that oppress. No doubt this hate is rooted in his past.


Mikhail is a fighter, both in skill and attitude. In Mikhail's eyes, proving one's worth is best done through winning victory in battle! But however he enjoys fighting to fight himself, the larger strategy and tactics intrigue him more. According to Mikhail, a victory should be won by outsmarting the opponent, securing a win with minimal losses. Charging into an enemy line, against the odds, is not Mikhail's style. Instead, he will try to turn the odds to his favor, before striking hard and fast. Retreating is just postponing a battle to a time when the odds are better, according to Mikhail.

Mikhail strongly believes he stands on the right side of the law, and that those that break it should be punished. He served the law as a guardsman, and will continue to do so through his noble rights. For Mikhail, questioning the validity of the King's law or the Holy Script are as unthinkable as striking down the King himself.

Background: A true descendant of Yew, Mikhail was born a son to a lumberjack. Yet the forest was not the scenery of his youth. As payment to a debt of their father, Mikhail and his brother Joshua were forced to work for the local miller. Spending most of their time inside the gloomy and dank millhouse, an occasional view of the sea determined their horizon. The sea, with its fresh breeze and seemingly endless waters grew to be a symbol for them, a symbol of freedom. Their hopes of being free themselves became reality the day the miller accidentilly slipped on the top most level of his mill, and tried to exercise flight without much success. Whether the two brothers were involved in his death remains a mystery, but it suffices to say they did not shed a single tear over it. Discovering their father had died a long time ago, having been the victim of a violent robbery, the brothers decided they had to find people who would offer them shelter and protection. The local militia was the most logical choice, and it so happened they found their way to its base and were recruited by a certain guard named Jack Nardock. It was clear that both brothers had found their niche, and dedicated their lives to the militia. Somewhere during their service the older brother, Joshua, was lost. Where he is now, or if he even is alive remains unknown to Mikhail.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral -

Reputation: Through the medals granted to him by the King, and the several command positions he has held, Mikhail is well known in the militia, and the township of Yew. It's unlikely many have heard about him in the other cities, yet the King's court has offered him the chance to rise to fame. Judging from the many attempted murders Mikhail has had to endure, one might say he is feared amongst his enemies.

Motivations/goals: Mikhail feels that he owes the militia for having provided him with a chance to rise to fame and power. He will try and repay this debt by employing his new-won powers to the militia's advantage. On the broader scale, Mikhail will try and work to improve Yew and the life of its inhabitants. At the same time, he will try to enjoy the life of a nobleman, and also slowly prepare the way for his retirement. Fame and power play an important part in his plans, believing that he has been given the chance to obtain them in large ammounts.


The Expedition to Trinsic

Mikhail Vigor's Nobility document

Rank History:

Trainee, Footman, Rookie Corsair, Corsair Master, Sergeant, Veteran Corsair, Corsair Master, Veteran Corsair, Duke Vigor, Veteran Guard.

Quote: " Mission accomplished? Of course, I expected nothing less!"


Medals: "The King's Gold Ankh" "The King's Silver Pen" "The Iron Heart"

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