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Damien Lumberton

Advanced character profile :

Damien Lumberton

Full name: Damien Lumberton

Known as: Damien

Rank: Recruiter

Recruitment day: 0000-00-00

Appearance: Damien seems to be a kind man in his late forties. He is normally built when it comes to size and length. Dressed in a plain but classy uniform, and having a pretty good knowledge in ettiquette, one is given the impression that Damien is a noble, calm, and civilized man. His worn face, and caring, understanding, green-to-grey eyes tell this man has been through a lot. Though the nicely cut hair, and his relaxed bearing say otherwise.

Work-description: Employed by the Guardsmen Militia, Damien is one of the few recruiters. His job is to find new, fresh recruits, introduce them to the ways of of the Militia, and interview them to deem if they are qualified as guardsmen. Despite the armour he is wearing, Damien is not a warrior, but a civilian.

Personality: Much as he seems, Damien is polite, nice, but still rather worn. He may not be the bravest of men, but he knows how to make himself heard. Damien knows that he has had his years, and is glad to be of service of the King's Law, even if it's merely in the administrative department of Yew.

Background: In his youth, Damien lived in Britain, where he came to be a loyal soldier in Lord British's army. He was not high of rank, nor very known amongst the Britannians. He was, furthermore, not very lucky either. After several years of unsuccessful soldiership, loosing battles and poorly paid, hard work, he retired. Thus, Damien walked unemployed for a few seasons. His only comfort was the bottle, which he spent all his savings on. He could only be found sitting silently, drinking, in one of the many taverns in Britain. It was not until some noblemen, who were into the guildfoundation business, found him, that his drinking problems were solved. They offered him a work as recruiter in a newly founded Yew Militia which they had sponsored, as they thought his background as a soldier would be of use since he knew some retired guardsmen already. Damien accepted their offer and was taught some basic ettiquette, as he only knew a little. Also he moved to Yew, where he started his new life. He had forgotten most of his swordsmanship and his body was not as strong and agile as it once was, but this was not required any longer. Now Damien has left his drinking and soldiership behind, and he has worked as a recruiter in the Militia for the last ten to fifteen years, where he has recruited countless Trainees, and gained a lot of experience in his job. He has seen the Militia grow powerful, and seen it go through hard, as well prosperous times.

Alignment: Lawful Good - Damien has made many mistakes which he knows not to repeat. He has a broad understanding for others because of his own experiences, and he wishes them only well. He seeks to make the Yew surroundings a safer place where common folk can live happily, safely, following the laws of Lord British.

Reputation: Over the years Damien has become one of the leading figures of the Guardsmen. He is know as the civilized man, who speaks for the pack of brutes, as many see them. Around the Yew area, he is well known as an honest, influential man, but in Britain, he is long forgotten.

Motivations/goals: As Damien feels he has done his part already, and that he is happy where he is today, he has little to no future plans. He simply enjoys to see the guardsmen working, reminding him of his own youth, and he is convinced that he is doing the world a small favour by letting the commoners into the volenteer army that is the Guardsman Militia.

Quote: " Tired of tailoring, are you? I think I know just the job you seek."

Art by: my Lawful Good friend Johan S. Nilsson



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