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Malaki Landor

Advanced character profile :

Malaki Landor

Full name: Malaki Landor

Known as: Malaki Landor

Rank: First Marksman

Recruitment day: 2001-02-01

Appearance: Strong and statured build with brown hair and brown eyes.

Work-description: From trainee he worked hard up to accepted Marksman. From there Duke Llmendrell Arduin called for him to become his right hand guard to protect his home and himself. He then decided that the Marksmen is where he belonged and rejoined the marksmen as a Vetran.

Personality: Vibrant and joyess and loved adventure. He liked to help the trainees out and other young recruits.

Background: Malaki, as a small boy was taken away from his parents by orcs, the guardsmen militia found his parents and brought them home safe from the orcs without a scratch. Since then he vowed to become a guard and to join the people who helped save his parents. When he was a teenager he used to get in all types of trouble, but stayed within the law and within good standards of the guards. When he joined the guards he met his love, Crystal Steel, who he married and loved ever so much. They lived in a tower together deep in Yew woods, so they could still get to the outpost in time for duty. A year after he got married, he went missing and then a healer, who found his corpse by the river on the other side of the Bujin Kai, left a note with the guardsmen that he would not be able to be returned from the grip of the gods, and that his life is at an end.

Alignment: Chaotic Good -


Motivations/goals: To become stronger than Jugi!.. Ok Ellyn then as Jugi was the weaker one. *grins*

Quote: " "


Medals: "The King's Gold Ankh"

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