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Josef Deacon

Advanced character profile :

Josef Deacon

Full name: Josef Deacon

Known as: Josef Deacon

Rank: Waywatcher

Recruitment day: 2003-03-02

Appearance: Josef stands about six feet tall, and has quite a thin, yet athletic, build, from working hard all of his life. He has light blue eyes and black hair tied back into a neat ponytail. He has quite a forgettable face, with no real distinguishing features, other than usually wearing a friendly smile. His uniform is well kept most of the time, and he always wears a simple necklace with an ankh around his neck. He usually carries his spear and has his warfork clipped onto his belt for closer combat.

Work-description: As a Waywatcher Josef tends to work mostly as a scout and observer. Making sure the woods and roads are safe, getting an advanced warning on any incoming danger and making sure the locals, and even the rest of the militia, aren't up to no good are everyday tasks for him. He still isn't fully confident in his own abilities, and so only tends to do more dangerous tasks like assassinations and infiltration deep into dangerous lands with another watcher.

Personality: Josef generally has a genuine desire to protect Yew and keep it safe for it's citizens without abusing his power. Most of the time he's friendly to civilians and fair to the junior ranks, although he won't tolerate breaking of the law or lack of discipline in the ranks. He can sometimes be a little slow on the uptake, but is by no means stupid. He sees violence as the last resort in most cases, and is by no means an expert fighter, although is certainly competant with his spear. He prides himself on being the "fastest man in Yew", although this claim loses credibility every time a bandit gets away or he fails to win a running event. He is a good tracker and has good surivival and camping skills, meaning he can handle himself well in most wilderness situations. He is also a strong believer and follower of the Avatari.

Background: Josef was born and raised in Skara Brae, and his father was an experienced fisherman. While he was growing up, he used to help his father in this work from a very young age, and so learned the meaning of a hard day's work early. His Uncle was one of the most respected priests in the town, and so he was raised on a larger than usual dose of the Avatari, making him still to this day a firm follower. This and fishing were pretty much his life up until his two best friends joined the Skara Brae Guards. Eager to join them, he went to sign up, but the barracks had just been filled. Having the thought in his head he couldn't get it out, and so decided to give the Yew Militia a try, being recruited by Ridley Talbain. After working his way through the ranks, he decided the life of a Waywatcher would be best suited to him. Shortly after joining the division, however, his father in Skara Brae died from a rampant disease at the time. This meant Josef now finds himself heading backwards and forwards from Yew to Skara Brae often, to check up on his cousins who've been entrusted with the fishing business.

Alignment: Lawful Good -

Reputation: Josef generally tends to keep himself to himself, usually watching the other guards quietly, so probably isn't that well known amongst the newer guards. Among the other guards, he is seen as a fair man, and he tries best he can to avoid making any enemies within the militia. He is quite friendly to the local peasants, and so is seen as a decent enough guard by them, although the less law-abiding citizens might resent him sticking his nose into their business.

Motivations/goals: Josef has a genuine desire to turn Yew into a safer place, and keep the militia well disciplined and respected. He wants to do the best he can in the eyes of the Higher Being and has aspirations to continue to rise up the ranks, although is quite comfortable in his current position.

Quote: " Yer've nae heard? I be the fastest man in Yew!"


Medals: "The King's Gold Ankh" "The Iron Heart"

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