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Danae Goatwell

Advanced character profile :

Danae Goatwell

Full name: Danae Goatwell

Known as: Danae

Rank: Retired Veteran Guard

Recruitment day: 0000-00-00

Appearance: Danae is a stout dame with a blunt, manly figure. Her face is kind and her eyes illuminate an inner peace, not matching the proud and brute way that she moves. Her voice is strong and willful, clinging with a native Britain's accent. She is usually wearing her Besieger Uniform, with sturdy chain and plate armour, combined with the colours of the Militia, black and orange.

Work-description: Not only is Danae a Veteran Guard, having served for about twenty years, but also a member of the fierce Besiegers. She puts her efforts into improving her own and her fellow guardsmen's fighting prowess. Danae works much as a supervisor, telling the young newcomers what work should be done, and few are the ones not to listen to her command.

Personality: This proud woman has managed to make her way through the male-dominated world of the Militia, and she is treated with the same respect as any other Veteran Guard. She puts her faith in herself, her peers, and the Higher Being. The many years of service in the Guards has made her toughened and strong. Yet, never broken. Danae has a sharp tounge, a strong will, and she loves proving that she is "good as any man".

Background: Danae lived in Britain during her youth, but her parents soon gave her to a local Clergy, where she served as a nun for several years. She grew larger, stronger and more dominant amongst the novices. Here she was found by Adjudicator Lithargus, who took her to be his servant. Her education in religion was completed, but most time she spent helping with the Adjudicator's work, copying tomes and keeping his quarters tidy. However, after a few month's service, she was sent to Yew by Lithargus, where she was to help the newly founded Guardsmen Militia get started. She started out by swabbing the floors, cooking the meals and tidying the Headquarters, but her talents for weapons and her will to serve were soon dicovered. Danae became a guardsman, and she quickly grew in rank. Today she has served for almost twenty years. The long time of service has made her harsh and brutish, crude and tough. But underneath, she is still the peaceful girl she was when she first arrived.

Alignment: Lawful Good - Danae believes in all that is good, just and righteous, and these are the standards that she fights for. She is a strong believer of the Virtues, and that is where she gets her strength in will, as well as in combat.

Reputation: Even if Danae is far from a world-famous figure, she has carved herself a good reputation amongst the guardsmen. She is known for the vast amount of work that she gives the lower ranks, and also as the perhaps most loyal in the whole Militia.

Motivations/goals: Danae struggles not only to make the world of Britannia a better place, but also to prove herself. Mainly to her fellow guards, but also to herself, and to her family, still living in Britain. She likes to prove that women are equal to, or even better than men, when it comes to hard labours.

Quote: " I must warn you... The Lord is on our side!"

Art by: The Believer Johan S. Nilsson



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