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Jhakog Coren

Advanced character profile :

Jhakog Coren

Full name: Jhakog Coren

Known as: Jhakog

Rank: Retired Marksman

Recruitment day: 2004-11-07

Appearance: Age: 33 Jhakog is a kind man, who often is not noticed. However, when you know him he eventually speaks a bit more. He does not mingle with the trainees and footmen anymore. He has an average height, about six foot tall. He has a long brown hair, which goes to the middle of his back and a goatee on his cheek. He always has a special ring "Eglrion ring" on his finger, which his elven parents gave him. Jhakog's eyes has a charming light blue colour, which goes dark grey and loses all hope, when he doesn't wear his ring. He is well built over the shoulders, but would rather be known by his intellectual skills than by his physical ones.

Work-description: Jhakog is a Marksman; therefore, he uses a bow, crossbow or heavy crossbow, preferably the heavy corssbow. He's the enemies' target number one, because of his deadly arrows and bolts. He's good in battle, but is poor in duels. Normally you can find him around defending Stonekeep. While others prefer to attack the enemy, he prefers to stay in his own backyard, as to where he will have better opportunities to win. As he's First Marksman, he is the leader when The Marksman Master isn't there, and his advisor in making the right decisions.

Personality: Though Jhakog is in The Militia and fights for his living, he isn't the person that fights just for the reason of fighting. He prefers a duel with the mind to a duel with the sword. When he makes a duel, then it is of pure friendship and never to someone is knocked out. Some call him a coward, but he prefers the description of better at other things. He's almost kind to all people even though they are of lower rank or not even of rank, though he despises rude and primitive people, such as besiegers can be, as he consider these unpleasant by title.

Background: He was raised by his uncle, his mother's half brother, who was a wood elf. Jhakog can't remember his real parents and has always considered his elven family as his real family. He doesn't know what happened to his real parents, other that they left him against their will, when he was very young. He lived most of his childhood very protected from the outside world, in the woods northeast of Yew. He is well educated as his uncle taught him the arts of the mind together with his children. His uncle was a respected man in his area, and therefore his children were too, especially Jhakog, as he was not like the rest of them.

Alignment: Lawful Good - he obeys the laws made by Lord British, and is most often kind to every creature.

Reputation: Jhakog has been there many years, and has grown himself a rather nice reputation. He's the quiet marksman, who sometimes interferes where he shouldn't, and has had many verbal fights with several guards, amongst them Duke Llemandrell Arduin. Most of these fights has lead to punishments of Jhakog, and is the reason why he isn't in higher positions now.

Motivations/goals: Jhakog has been in The Militia for more than 18 years now, and only waits for the chance where he can prove his real worth by using his mind. This is where he will enter the command once again.

Quote: " Away with thee, peasant,
Trainee!!! Get Me Fifty Arrows!
G'day M'lady
Ye wish, little one?"


Medals: "The King's Gold Ankh" "The Iron Heart"

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