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Ellyn Alvarsdottir Avery

Advanced character profile :

Ellyn Alvarsdottir Avery

Full name: Ellyn Alvarsdottir Avery

Known as: Ellyn

Rank: Retired Marksman

Recruitment day: 2004-11-07

Appearance: Ellyn is a slim well built woman with strong arms hardened from many years of using her favourite weapon, her trusted bow. She is very proud of her Marksman uniform and keeps it spotless. Her bow is never far from her reach. She moves swiftly, always keeping a look out for anything amiss. When you look at her face you first notice her big black eyes that seem to look though and beyond you. She usually have her long brown hair tied up in two braids, so that she will not be disturbed when aiming her bow.

Work-description: Ellyn has a happy and trusting nature that though the years in the male dominated Militia have become more and more suppressed. She is still the same to her friends and loved ones but to them that don't know her she can seem to be snobbish and a bit rude.


Background: Born in the Northwest parts of Yew, Ellyn was raised by her older sisters. They were both hardworking women that found nothing as thrilling as perfecting a craftsman skill. Early in life it became clear to them that Ellyn was not like them and they spoiled her in every way letting her having most things her way. She loved running though the deep forests of Yew and that is how one day she met upon a Militia patrol. They took her with them to Stonekeep and showed her around. Impressed by the Militia and it's just cause she decided to take up life in the ranks of the Militia. One day not long after she had joined, she stood outside the tavern and a young handsome man was walking up towards the tavern. The sunshine reflected itself from the mans golden arms making the man shine like the sun itself. The wind was playing with the long cloak that was beutifully draped over his strong back.In his hand he held a heavycrossbow. Ellyn was still looking in awe when he suddenly raised his crossbow and a well aimed bolt flew past her, she felt no fear even though the bolt had almost touched her on its way past her. Turning around to see what the young man had aimed at she heard a groan and saw big ugly beast with two heads fall to the ground with the young mans bolt pierced though its heart,it was dead before it hit the ground. She turned an looked at the man again, he nodded in her direction and as he saw the awe in her eyes he handed her a well used bow and gave her a brief explanation on the art of how to use the most deadly and noble weapon there is. After that day she knew her destiny was to become one of them, the Noble Marksmen. Not many days later she met upon a young grumpy footman with hair as blue as the sea. It was Markus Avery, little did she know that he was to become her one true love and beloved husband.

Alignment: Lawful Good -

Reputation: She is well known for her well aimed arrows and when her beloved husband and her fight together they are a sight feared to any sensible man or woman.


Quote: " "


Medals: "The King's Gold Ankh" "The Iron Heart"

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