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Katrine Quinga

Advanced character profile :

Katrine Quinga

Full name: Katrine Quinga

Known as: Katrine Quinga

Rank: Retired Marksman

Recruitment day: 2004-11-07

Appearance: Age: mid to late teens Katrine looks young and quite plain, a little shorter then average but with a warm and loving smile. She has long light brown hair reaching down to just over her shoulders, and is quite slim. The time she has spent in the militia has left her body well muscled and lithe. She takes great care of her hair, the way she dresses and her general appearance. She is always seen wearing a small gold chain with a piece of amber fastened to it, she views it as a good luck charm as she has had it from the first day she joined. Also she wears a gold ring with a large Star Sapphire, and a valorite bracelet with a beautiful picture made in diamond of bow and arrow, both of these given to her by her fiancé, Lorick. The only noticeable scar on her body is two parallel marks across her chest, which can be seen when she wears a dress; she got these saving a friend from the Drow.

Work-description: As a rookie Marksmen Katrine spends a lot of her time around the keep making sure that all is peaceful and that no rogues or brigands try and cause trouble. She is also training to be an animal handler, so has recently been spending time playing and training with her two hounds, Joy and Hope.

Personality: Katrine is a very emotional person, she is still young and easily startled, scared and intimidated, she will often break down into tears if things go to badly. She has a fire that normally burn as embers in her spirit, but if she feels that herself or some one she cares for are in danger, they turn into an inferno of anger. But always after these outbursts she feels empty and hollow, and will try to get some time to herself to recollect her thoughts. She loves dearly Lorick Astendar, her soon to be husband, and will sacrafice anything for him. She is a very loving and caring person to her friends, and always trys to help them out how ever she may. Also she is forgiving to most people, and will treat them well, she has a lot of compassion for other humans, and unless they try to harm her she will always try and find a peaceful soloution to any problems. She has a love of waterfalls. She has a "special place", the flower grove near the Yewish Waterfalls where she will go if she wants some time alone. She is not fond of fighting in slightest, and will run away from a fight if she can and she is sure that no one else will be hurt. If others are at risk though she is a master shot with her bow and an accomplished swordwoman. She has hatred of the orcs and undead. Elves she is some what confused about, and carrys a dark secret with her.

Background: Katrine grew up with her "uncle" Magnus on a farm just north of the abbey, having never known her father and her mother dying of flu when she was very young. She spent her life, working on the farm as a milkmaid and servant. During the Juka wars against Yew, a force of these monsters ransacked and burnt the farm Killing one of Magnus's sons and injuring the old farmers arm badly, Katrine survived unhurt by hiding in a near by Yew Tree. Magnus lashed out and blamed Katrine for the Juka destroying his life, saying she left the gate unlocked, Magnus banished her from his house, into a town at War. Not knowing where else to turn, she headed towards the local militia base and decided to try and make up for the guilt that she felt, from Magnus's accusations. The first few days in the militia where the most terrifying days in her life, but also was to shape her future, after a push from the guardsmen to Yew town centre, killing many Juka, she was asked to help a young girl find her friends, but to her surprise, the young girl was part of a plot, and she led Katrine into a trap, luckily for Katrine the Marksmen Julie Frostbite walked by and found them before they could drag her away, scaring the brigands away Julie took Katrine to the Stone Keep tavern where she first met Lorick. Katrine felt drawn to him but was too timid to say anything, but he helped her, and taught her a great deal about guardsmen and the marksmen. Katrine managed to quickly advance through the ranks, and before the end of the war against the Juka had gained the rank of footman. Soon after she had her first large skirmish against another human group, this was a very traumatic time, and after the battle she sat weeping on the field, bodies all about her. A young Trainee by the name of Christian approached her after she had been a footman for a few weeks, Katrine had been kind to him and helped him out against the other footman, who she saw where abusing there power. Christian gave her a small bracelet and said that he loved her, unsure what to do, as her heart still wanted Lorick, but he was a noble marksmen, and she was just a farm girl, she decided to give the young trainee a chance. They where happy together for a while until just after she had reached the rank of rookie guard. Then she began hearing tales of Christian doing things that he shouldn't. The first she ignored, the second she confronted him, and the third time, just after she had finally become a marksmen, she turned to Lorick for support, an argument and some unpleasant events followed, but also the happiest moments in her life. Lorick proposed to her alongside the Yew waterfall, and she agreed happily. A short while after this, she got some shocking news, some one from Trisnic had heard tale of her father, and that he wished to speak to her, packing her bags quickly, she left for Trisnic. She found a dark secret there, that she will not talk to anyone accept Lorick about.

Alignment: Lawful Good -

Reputation: Kat had a reputation of being a little young and easily frightened as a trainee, but she hopes to have grown out of that, and even though she cares little for fighting, she would like to have a reputation of some one that can be trusted.

Motivations/goals: To live long and happy lives alongside her love, and hopefully find a place of peace and quiet where there is no fighting.

Quote: " "


Medals: "The King's Bronze Ankh"

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