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Meran Llew

Advanced character profile :

Meran Llew

Full name: Meran Llew

Known as: Meran


Recruitment day: 0000-00-00

Appearance: Meran usually looks to be a happy fellow with a cocky style towards most others. His large, welltrained body combined with his steady grip of the halberd tells he is a mighty warrior. That Meran was a peasant is very clear, as he looks rather thuggish and rough, and his accent is very strong. Yet he is undoubtfully a handsome man, considering his young, proud face, his happy, brown eyes and his impressive body figure.

Work-description: Being a guardsman takes up all of Meran's time. He has to fight orcs, help out newcomers, arrest criminals, lead patrols, train the other guardsmen, and uphold the King's Law. His current rank is Captain, which makes him the most powerful guardsman for the moment. This brings a great responcibility as he often holds the lives of many men in his hands.

Personality: Meran is mostly a bit of a rude person who likes to bully around the lesser ranked guardsmen and unsuspecting bypassers. He has a large attitude, loves taking up space and showing his overconfidence. Once one gets to know him better, he is a warm and social man, although maybe is a bit too careless. Meran loves the rush of battle and the sweet taste of victory. He knows how to get friends, and to stay away from mages, which are the main reasons for his success in the Militia.

Background: As the Yewish accent clearly points out, Meran grew up by the Yew millhouse. There he passed his childhood living in the large Llew familiy. He was a bit of a bully, who often got in trouble. He had to work hard on the fields and in the millhouse, where he grew stronger and learned to work hard for his bread. At an early age, 15, he packed his bags and went off to join the Militia by the Yew crossroads as he had seen the posters on the messageboards. There he met the few guardsmen who were there before him. He was armed and trained, and he quickly grew to be a formidable warrior. At the age of 19 he had become a Corporal, and just a few years ago he was appointed Captain of the Militia. Now, after more than fifteen years of service amongst the guards, he has become a pride to the Llew family. (Although they still don't like him very much.)

Alignment: Neutral Good - Meran fights for good and just reasons, and he wishes to help people in need. Still, he is pretty rough in the edges.

Reputation: After years of service in the guards, Meran has become an ideal of many younger guardsmen, as well as known through the underworld for his vanquished foes. Countless orcs, thieves, murderers and all kinds of monsters have fallen to the mighty swing of his halberd. Meran is usually recognized by his self-confident attitude and his combat prowess.

Motivations/goals: Meran lives a life of ease, even though his labours are hard. He puts his trust in his sturdy halberd, and a mug of ale, to keep him safe and sound. That is all he asks for. Some action, some good-doing, a few friends and a nice mug of ale.

Quote: " Ye askin' fer trouble? 'Cause me's got some fer ye!"

Art by: the King's personal artist Johan S. Nilsson


Medals: "The King's Gold Ankh" "The Iron Heart"

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