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Sanct Augustus Lithargus

Advanced character profile :

Sanct Augustus Lithargus

Full name: Sanct Augustus Lithargus

Known as: Lithargus


Recruitment day: 0000-00-00

Appearance: A tall, blackclad, powerful figure. Lithargus knows how to bring fear and respect to one's impression. His body is used with a selfsecured grace and efficiancy, which makes the old, longhaired man seem almost invincible. The cold, awfully knowing eyes are burning with zeal from deep within his mind. As they turn your way, he seems to know what you are thinking. He seems to be looking down at you in contempt. He seems ruthless and cold. Yet, he speaks and acts as a wise scholar or an exaltered priest, except for his outbursts of rage, leaning to insanity. The voice is calm, mightily echoing and monotonous, but constantly drowned in a spiteful sarcasm. Only when he is raged does it become a trembling shout of true zeal.

Work-description: Lithargus is an adjudicator of the Militia. The head of the Magistrate, which is an important part of the Militia clergy. His work is to wield his pure faith in the Virtues to create Light and Holy Flames that aid the guardsmen, to give spiritual guidance and to root out weak links before they break. This includes punishing violators of the Oath, tracking down deserters, and keeping the men "pure" in all aspects. Lithargus's high morale standing is a part of his work. So are the less moral parts, such as cruel interrogations or mercyless punishments for accidentaly broken rules. Working as a judge in Yew, he also hunts and finds heretics and witches (and often innocent mages) which he burns at the stake for the sake of Justice.

Personality: To those around him, Lithargus is a ruthless, steelhearted, suspicious, but civilized man. He despises all what magic stands for, and he would stop at nothing to have his will done. Lithargus never lets anyone come close to him, and he is bitter to everything. Although no one knows what moves in the his mind, it is obvious to everyone that this man is full of hatred. He is doubtlessly one of the most fanatic followers of the Virtues in whole of Britannia. Human lives and the feelings of his fellow Britannians mean little to none for him, as he is fully consumed with the cause of Light and Virtues as he believes he must do whatever it takes to keep the Militia pure. Lithargus knows well he is not in command of any guards, but he does his best to control everyone around him.

Background: Little is known about the past of Lithargus. When asked, he answers in threats and suspicions. What is known about him is that he hails from Britain, where he was employed somewhere in Castle Blackthorn before he came to work in Yew. Lithargus seems to avoid Britain as much as possible, and when he does enter the city, he acts very carefully, and wishes not to be seen. Obviously, he has studied a lot of science, psychology and philosophy, as he seem very well adversed in these arts.

Alignment: Lawful Evil - Lithargus works for a good cause, but he cares nothing for sympathy and doesn't draw a line between right and wrong. He is always right and so he interprets the Virtues as it pleases him.

Reputation: Lithargus is quite an infamous man. The many rumours of glorious deeds he has achieved are far outnumbered by the foul acts blamed on him. The most commonly heard murmurs are that he is a madman who thinks he owns the world. Though many disagree, and tell of how he has aided and saved innocents from evil powers time after time, blessed sick men, performed miracles and how just but harsh he may be. Finally, the most silently whispered rumours tell of people opposing him, and dissapearing in the middle of the night soon afterwards. Of the painful screams of deserting guardsmen. Of the ruthlessly murdered men who dared stand in his way. Of innocent women who were burned as witches. Of dark cellars that only he and his subjects know of. If one chooses to believe what one hears is up to each person alone, but Lithargus seems very aware of all the rumours, even if he never speaks of them.

Motivations/goals: Burning with a zealous faith in the Virtues and doing his work constantly, his goals are rather clear. He seeks to destroy all evil by any possible means, and by that, evil magicusers are included. In his way to act, Lithargus can also seem powerhungry at times.

Quote: " Only the insane truly prosper. Only those who prosper judge what is truly sane."

Art by: the quite talented Johan S. Nilsson



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