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Bladius Dart

Advanced character profile :

Bladius Dart

Full name: Bladius Dart

Known as: Blad Dart

Rank: Captain

Recruitment day: 0000-00-00

Appearance: Before you stands a man who most would describe as tall but not ridiculously so, his long, blood red hair flails wildly over his shoulder before slipping into a casual, if scruffy knot toward the end.

His chest is broad and heavily built, befitting a man of his stature and size but his features are pleasant and fused with a kindly glow that almost betrays an otherwise intimidating exterior.

His eyes are blue and cautious upon first glance but strangely alluring on closer inspection, however despite his best attempts to draw attention elsewhere, a noticeable scar slithers down from the corner of his eye to the middle of his left cheek, this scar is difficult to look at for any length of time, apparently once a great source of pain, you could consider yourself a member of his inner circle if the secret behind such a disfiguring injury was imparted to you.

His platemail arms are kept very clean and free of dents and scrapes, although despite this they appear like any other well-made pieces of armour, apart from the military stripes emblazoned upon his right shoulder, the stripes do of course indicate the rank of Captain, a rank this individual regards as one of his greatest achievements.

Held tightly within his grasp is a crude looking warhammer, an assortment of nicks and scratches run along the handle, almost tally like in their regularity. This is a weapon he has become famous for, many hardened warriors have fallen to such a dangerous piece of equipment; something he takes great pride but also perhaps a hint of sorrow in.

Work-description: As a Captain of the Guardsmen Militia, Bladius’ job requires that he must juggle the demands of a garrison, with the diplomacy of a thriving Military machine.

While the mundane drilling and patrol routines are dealt with by the Sergeants and Corporals, Bladius finds himself dealing with far less substantial work, satisfying Militia morale, monitoring progress and maintaining a Militia that constantly finds itself called upon to fight for its home.

Bladius despises the paperwork and administration that he has become a slave to but appreciates that it plays an important part; still he often heads out into the meadow to observe drills and instructions and can always be called upon to indulge in combat, something that not even the most fascinating of quota reports could deter him from.

Personality: Bladius forever attempts to maintain the guise of a womaniser, often going so far as to risk loving relationships in an effort to appear “laddish”, however after countless girlfriends, many engagements and a now deceased wife and daughter, he has seemingly given up on taking women seriously altogether.

Bladius has high standards he applies both to his men and to himself, he expects nothing but the best and will never settle for anything but maximum effort on the part of those who he works beside.

Though he would appear to be difficult to work with, burdened by a short fuse and impeccable expectations, his warming approach can on occasion be witnessed by anyone deserving. Bladius cares very much for the men and women of the Militia and would gladly give his life in service for them but he will not tolerate complacency, nor will he accept stupidity.

Immensely proud of his accomplishments and his history; Bladius will often use his own life as an example to others in need of guidance, pointing out that before he reached the rank of Captain that he spent many nights in the cells, beaten, whipped and punished for his crimes and insolence but he has since overcome those ‘demons’ and has accomplished much in the years passed.

Background: The least favoured son of a simple conman from the slums of Britain, Bladius lead a life of thievery and petty crime until his family left the capital in favour of a new start on the peaceful island of Moonglow.

However Bladius could never co-exist with his father and ran away to Yew in search of adventure at a young age, taken in by a forester, he learned the basics of woodland survival before a cruel winter stole away his surrogate father.

Homeless and seemingly destined to starve; Bladius enlisted in the ranks of the Militia, lying to the recruiters about his age, from then on Bladius gained the reputation of a poorly disciplined guard, known for frequenting houses of ill repute with his comrades in arms and bating superiors with insults and insolence.

Bladius has since smartened up his act and overcome the problems that held him down for so long, he has focused greatly upon discipline and tactics, perhaps thanks to age, or perhaps due to other events, it is probably fair to say that few, if any, would ever have predicted Bladius would reach the heights that he has.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral -

Reputation: Renowned for formidable combat prowess and brutality on the battlefield, Bladius has been crowned ‘a wife-stealin’ bastard’ by the simple folk of Yew.

However, having kept the town safe for many years has seemingly weighed in his favour, as the majority of less than admirable exploits of Dart have been overlooked in recent years, however the protective husbands and fathers of Yew’s prettiest still keep their womenfolk at home when Bladius is out on the town.

Motivations/goals: Bladius is motivated purely by the desire to succeed in any challenge he is set but he also seeks to eventually settle down with a loving family and a sturdy home, until then however, Bladius seems content to attempt to provoke war with any city or state who he deems rather annoying.

Quote: " Stop.. Hammer time!"


Medals: "The Iron Heart" "The King's Gold Ankh" "The King's Silver Ankh" "The King's Bronze Ankh"

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