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Sir Hugo Aldemar

Advanced character profile :

Sir Hugo Aldemar

Full name: Sir Hugo Aldemar

Known as: Sir Hugo


Recruitment day: 0000-00-00

Appearance: The great, immensely built body of Sir Hugo gives him an unstoppable, fierce appearance. It is obvious to anyone that this man lets nothing get in his way. His solemn, grey eyes, his mighty, but gracious figure and noble but ruthless bearing show his sycophantic confidence. When clad in his monkrobe, he looks like any other of the wise and eldered scholars, with the black hair and wrinkled face of a middle-aged male. But in his suit of war, in chain and plate armour, shortsword, and with a cross-marked shield, he is the tower of a man, proud and mighty. The deep voice is overly calm, noble and rational, the movement swift, but determined.

Work-description: Sir Hugo is a Templar Knight of the Militia Clergy. It is he who leads the holy war of the Priesthood Templars; faithful servants of the Magistrate, and eager upholders of the Virtues. Sir Hugo is the most powerful weapon of the Clergy, as his unmatched fighting prowess and iron determination put weight behind their holy words of wisdom, and deeper meaning to their blessings. The one and only purpose in Sir Hugo's life is to serve his belief and his masters, bathing in blood in the name of all good and decent.

Personality: Bold, brave, proud and noble are words well fit for Hugo's personality. But not as much as the words violent, determined, cruel and psychotic. Sir Hugo enjoys his work, and he takes every chance he gets to misuse his power. Also, his strict and conservative opinions, which he is fearless of showing, illuminate his ruthless ways. He views women as weaker beings, temptresses of mankind. He views all other beliefs and kindred than his own as heathen, which must be destroyed before they grow strong. According to Sir Hugo, all who do not think or act as the Lord wishes, are either scum, or depraved by the Guardian, and thus, they have no feelings nor emotions. That is why one can do whatever one pleases with them.

Background: Hugo was born in the village of Aldemar, just outside Minoc. He was the second born child; his older brother, Gottfrid, was born four years earlier. The boys's father, Godfrey, was a miner and smith, their mother a scribe, hired by a wealthy landlord. Hugo was the wildest of the two boys, which got him into trouble now and again. He loved to be with his father who taught him the basics of mining and blacksmithy. As the boys grew up the family fortune came to diminish for each passing day. The pauvert forced the boys to leave Aldemar. Hugo and his brother went to Deepwater where they met two priest working in the local church. The priests took care of the two young men, and taught them the way of the Higher Being.

Godfrey's failure to his sons made them fanatic in their beliefs; they needed something to hold on to. After three years of hard work in the church, the two brothers were sent on a mission to the farmstead of Cove, with the purpose to "convert" the ogres there. To his surprise Hugo found it amusing to "convert" the enemies. The humans won the battle, and the two brothers returned home after three years.

When Hugo and Gottfrid arrived in Deepwater the town was not as it used to. Mounted men wearing nothing but kilts were all over the town, and they spoke with a foreign accent which was hard to comprehend. Along with these mounted barbarians were men wielding thin crook sword and pavise shields and strange coloured robes. Hugo and Gottfrid were confused; men like these used to be forced to leave the town or die when the church was active. Now the church was nothing but a ruin and the Holy Stone of the Higher Being was all covered with fungus and grasses.

The two men, now aged 21 respectively 25, left for Yew where they stayed for about a year. In Yew Gottfrid wrote a revised version of the former order's tome, but named it as the old one: The Order of the Higher Being. In this revised version Gottfrid stated that there were seven virtues that was sent to Sosaria by their god. The eighth one, Compassion, was made up by the infidels in order to save them from their judgement. When the tome was completed they left for the Shrine of Compassion to show the infidels that noone can hide from the eyes of the Higher Being. Once in the desert lands they slew men, children and women alike, and ankhified the elder of the village in the Shrine of Compassion. In order to make a statement, they whip-lashed him seven times and left him to die, nailed to the ankh.

They were ambushed on their way home, and Gottfrid was felled off his horse by an arrow. Hugo thought his brother dead and fled the ambush in fear. After a couple of days Hugo arrived in Britain, where he sold the treasures, and bought a nobleman's title to himself and his late brother. Eventhough Hugo of Aldemar now forced people to adress him Sir Hugo of Aldemar, he continued to practice the arts of blacksmithy and mining. He did this to honour his father, who probably was dead. About ten years later Hugo had made a small fortune selling wares at the various banks, and he left for Yew once more. Here he met a group of bravemen unlike those living in Deepwater, and decided to help the guild's inquisitor to cleance the ranks from infidels and those weak in spirit. Hugo used some of his gold restinstate a new chapel, which he decorated as he remembered the original church in Deepwater.

Not long ago, Sir Hugo found his brother Gottfrid to be alive in the desert of the Shrine of Compassion, and they are now equal leaders of the Templars, feared, hated and respected troughout Britannia.

Alignment: Lawful Evil - Sir Hugo is a truthful follower of his beliefs, and a righteous defender of the lands. He does, however, use his privileges in every way possible to gain power, and to please his more sadistic sides.

Reputation: In Yew, Sir Hugo is commonly viewed upon as a just and respectable man who does best he can to serve his Lord, his God (the Higher Being), and the Virtues. He is known to be steelhearted and strict, merciless and brutal, but only for the cause of good. Those who oppose him often claim him a monster, evil and power-hungry, suppressing those who disagree to his superiority. But then again, those who oppose Sir Hugo are mostly warlocks, witches, traitors, and liars. So why believe them? Outside the borders of Militia lands Sir Hugo is known for his excellence in blacksmithy and so his finely made, crude-fashioned weaponry keep a high value. In the provinces where he led Crusades and Missions, he is legendarily infamous for his merciless slaughers, cruel prosecutions and countless bloody battles. "Elfbane" is a name that many call Sir Hugo for obvious reasons.

Motivations/goals: Sir Hugo is fanatic in his beliefs, and will use any possible means to track down and purify heretics and infidels. Because of his former profession as an armourer, his view on battle arms and clothing is somewhat radical. In fact he punishes those who break the equipment rules harder than those breaking the Holy Laws of his order. He is fast to take advantage of those who can serve his purposes, all in the name of the Higher Being, of course.

Quote: " Alcohol!? Tainted blood is a templar's wine!"

Art by: The Holy Man, Johan S. Nilsson



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