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Andrew Helmut

Advanced character profile :

Andrew Helmut

Full name: Andrew Helmut

Known as: Andrew Helmut

Rank: Besieger

Recruitment day: 0000-00-00

Appearance: Age 27, Andrew Helmut quite taller than average, standing 6ft 4". He has a completely bald head, due to his tribal traditions from his early life, and a Vandyke usually mixed with a few days stubble. He has broad features and a huge grin when he smiles.

Work-description: Helmut is in the Besieger division of the Guardsmen Militia, and extremely proud of it.

Personality: Helmut is grim and ruthless in battle, losing the small amount of humour he has in peacetime. He is unforgiving of trainees, not tolerating any miss-interpretation of orders, pushing them in training believing they may as well learn it in drilling than on the field of battle. He has a deep booming voice and a thick accent (but it fades slightly every year that passes with him being in Yew) his accent makes people think he is a not intelligent, but this is untrue.

Background: Andrew is lawful good, from his past experience he has found that only a good law, which holds fairness and justice as its ideals, prevails. His old tribal law was full of corruption, this has not given him a resentment to law, but has shown him the only law should be a good law.@Andrew Helmut was born in the cold icy northlands, to a ‘barbarian’ tribe. It was tradition for the tribes’ males to have a baldhead, so they applied a solution of crushed herbs that stopped the growth of hair; this was a symbol to show they had passed into manhood. A few years after going through the ritual of manhood, and gaining the privilege of fighting for them, he was, for want of a better word, expelled from his tribe, for a reason he does not say, and keeps it to himself. He knows he was expelled for an unjust reason, but has accepted his punishment because not to do so would be un-honourable. He was sent to Britannia on a small boat. His tribe leader, the one who implemented the punishment, was safe in the knowledge either the small boat would not survive the voyage, or Helmut would not be accepted by the Britannia people, and be forced to live a miserable life of isolation. This was not to be; by some small miracle the small boat survived the voyage to the main land of Britannia. He stumbled upon the village of Yew, the townspeople shunned him, as he was wearing outlandish leathers, and of a different build. An old lumberjack, looking for cheap labour, tricked Andrew into working for him, using his considerable strength to easy chop down the trees. After a while he came to hear of Stonekeep, and the guardsmen militia. He signed up, escaping from his job of cutting trees. He in the first few weeks he found it hard to fit in, but as the months passed he was slowly accepted. He gained the rank of footman, and everyday his memory of his youth faded, putting those days behind him. Now he has adapted to guardsman life, and with great pride is a besieger.

Alignment: Lawful Good -



Quote: " *Grunts*



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