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Corbuloi Hyasinthe

Advanced character profile :

Corbuloi Hyasinthe

Full name: Corbuloi Hyasinthe

Known as: Corbuloi

Rank: Guard

Recruitment day: 0000-00-00

Appearance: Corbuloi is of average height and of good build, mostly from his work as a miner before becoming a guardsman, he looks older then his age by some years and wears a scruffy goatee and moustache.

Work-description: As a Rookie Besieger of the guardsmen miltia Corbuloi trys to carry out every order to the letter without question, he trys to help those of lower rank whenever possible. Personality: To those that know him he is a bright and cheery fellow, when it comes down to work or dealing with higher ranks he becomes quite serious, he doesn't notice it much of the time.. Hailing from Vesper town of many artists he tends to carry around his paints and small canvas to get some ideas.. then when he has time make suitable paintings.


Background: Corbuloi lived east of Vesper for much of his time going mining with his father and pestering his sister, He doesn't talk much of those days.

Alignment: Lawful Good -



Quote: " Hi ho! Hi ho! patrolling ere we's go...
Ay trainee! behind ye's!.... har har! made ye look!
Bah... em Merrys barkeep all out of pies again!"



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