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Advanced character profile :


Full name: Ethander

Known as: Ethander (son of) Thermor

Rank: Rookie Guard

Recruitment day: 0000-00-00

Appearance: A man at average height, not imposing nor too short. He looks fairly battle worn yet the strength around him is not easily spotted, although he looks like he can still run very fast. He is quite skinny and looks like he doesn't eat often, his face is very smooth with no stubble or scars- he seems to care quite considerable about his appearance.


Personality: A harsh man, he trusts few people and gets along with even fewer guards. He is very religious and follows the higher being devoutly, acting more like a clergy member then a guard at time. He is a rude and sometimes violent man, most people strongly hate his ignorance and rudeness and so he has little friends and is not too keen to be making any either.

Background: Nobody really knows where this man came from he just turned up and started working as trainee if he is asked he will say he worked on a farm but some say he used to be a slave for some land owners and ran away, some say he has powerful relatives who live elsewhere in the realms and some just say his mother was an elf and his father was a taint and so Ethander was born. However his background in the militia is known and is quite an infamous story for many guards. Ethander joined as a happy active runaround trainee who quickly rose the ranks and after he was promoted from trainee became the first ever Jailor, with this new rank little people new how to treat him and so power corrupts and soon footmen and rookies were being told what to do by the new jailor, as his new found power had changed Ethander quite dramatically- he enjoyed torturing people and bossing anyone about, he met Mithran the new merry man master and was quickly recruited in his ranks. Soon Mithran turned into the taint everyone now knows him to be- Ethander showing his true loyalties and doing what he does best backstabbed his old Master and hunted the tainted traitor down with his fellow guards. After being a Rookie Guard for a short time, Ethander joined the Corsairs under Lyria and enjoyed his time there getting Demoted to Rookie twice and serving under 4 masters. His temper and manner changed over time again this time he calmed down and he is too tired and weary of yelling orders after watching many younger guards shooting up ahead of him into command he became somewhat demoralised and is now fighting back to gain back some respect he can whilst the power hungry self inside him fights back too.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral -



Quote: " Get back ta’ work ye Slacker!
Shut yer face ye Ejit!
Elf ye best talk 'less ye want ta’ keep those twitchy ears?"


Medals: "The King's Silver Ankh" "The Iron Heart"

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