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Barak Trellheim

Advanced character profile :

Barak Trellheim

Full name: Barak Trellheim

Known as: Barak

Rank: Corporal

Recruitment day: 2001-11-01

Appearance: Barak has just entered his sixties. He is a giant of a man at 212cm tall, and 121kg in weight. He isn't the most attractive of people, which is part of the reason he has grown his hair to his shoulder and beard which is platted and reaches his waist. His hair has turned white at a young age and he has deep blue eyes. His accent is quiet rough showing his upbringing from around fisherman in Minoc.

Work-description: As a Waywatcher Corporal Barakis responsible for the running of the division. His role as a watcher is to scout out enemy location and numbers. Barak takes his responsiabilites seriously and he does them to the best of his ability.

Personality: Barak is a quiet hard working individual, who will do what he is ordered to without question. He will do this to the best of his ability as he is always looking to please. Barak enjoys to just sit and think about things and is often found stood out in the forest on his own deep in thought. He is friendly and will only become upset with someone if he thinks there shunning the responsabilities.

Background: Barak was brought up in a small fishing village just west of Minoc, where his father was Mayor. From a very young age Barak helped fixing nets and gutting fish and soon became to hate fishing. He would often sneak of to vist his uncle, who was a lumberjack, in the forest to the south. This was where he picked up his interest for the outdoors and would enjoy sitting and listening to the russle of the wind in the trees and the sound of the birds. He joined the milita after his wife died giving birth to there only daughter whom he left with his parents.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral -

Reputation: Due to the length of his service, Barak is a well respected member of the militia. He is know to be up for a laugh, but wont take it beyond what he feels is to far.

Motivations/goals: He is happy with his current rank and is looking to serve the militia and division in the best way possible.

Quote: " Ye don't get owt fer nowt"



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