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Rhodry Grayam

Advanced character profile :

Rhodry Grayam

Full name: Rhodry Grayam

Known as: Rhodry


Recruitment day: 0000-00-00

Appearance: Rhodry is a man in his best years, or atleast he thinks so. He have eyes of steel and when angered this shows even more. Some say he once chased off four orcs just by looking at them with those eyes. He is well build as most of them other Guards wich only proves his long time in the guild. Handsome and tall, with a constant smile on his face is his appearance, but try not to upset him though that appearance could easily change.

Work-description: Currently Sergeant and is mighty proud of that. What he likes most with his work is all the people he meets and all the help he brings to travellers that seems to lost their way. Often he offers by-passers an escort and talks happily about Yew and show them the surroundings.

Personality: Rhodry is a social man and travellers like him cause of his eager to hear news from all the corners of the world. He is a Religous man and holds hard on his beliefs. He is at most time glad and happy, especially now after his wedding to Celina. He is a restless man and get easily bored if nothing happens.

Background: Rhodry was born and raised in Yew, his pride and home. Rhodry, his brother Beril and parents Marcus and Rhoda Grayham lived in Central Yew, not far from the famous Guardsman meadow. His father was a merchant and travelled once per year with his wife around the lands to sell his goods, while Rhodry and beril was left in the care of their grandfather. One year when Rhodry just turned 12 it happen to be that the parents did not return from their usually two months trip. Rhodry was filled with fear of what could have happened to them. Him new of the dangers out there and were very worried. He could sit for hours on a rock by the side of the road and wait for them to appear in the distance. One year passed by and still no sign or no news, and Rhodry had lost all his hopes. Six years passed while Rhodry, his brother and grandfather worked on their home and lived a poor life. Rhodry started at the age of eighteen to walk further and further away from his home on small adventures as it seemed for him. Under one of these trips he ran into Marius, who today serve the Militia as a Besieger. They became friends fast and Rhodry did not care to go home, but followed his new friend on the roads instead. They walked and walked, to Vesper, Britain, trinsic and Skara. They had just completed their long journey around the lands and were walking past the Yew Crossroads, when a man jumped forth and scared them half to death. This was Damien, the recruiter of The Guardsmen Militia. Him was quick in his talk and offered them work in the Militia. Rhodry and Marius looked with suspiscion on this man but then agreed to follow him and sign up for duty. They was forced to leave their expensive armor and weapons and were stripped of all. And as that wasn't enough, they had to walk all through the Yew forest to the supply hut half.naked and shivvering of cold. With that Rhodry aswell Marius started theirs carreers in the Militia.

Alignment: Lawful Good - Have high beliefs of his Religion and never fight unless in defense or if friends are threathened.

Reputation: After his long time in the militia, the Yew people have come to love this happy guard who comes with a smile up their road. Allways ready to protect and serve. All knows of his great skill in battle and feels safe when he is around.

Motivations/goals: Rhodry's goal in life is to be a good husband, a good servent of the Higher being and of course a good Guardsman.

Quote: " Greetings traveller! How may I help thee?"

Art by: Joakim S.



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